Orifice meter obvious advantages, occupies a certain in industrial application

by:KAIDI     2021-01-27
Orifice meter sales market is smaller than some technical market competition. From a revenue point of view, this is the flowmeter market capacity of more than half or so, far lower than that of gas pressure and liquid level instrument panel sales market. At the same time, the orifice meter sales market is bigger than vortex flow meter sales market. This to improve in the future on behalf of what? Compared with other new technology application, dashboard, orifice meter sales market has significant advantages. They mainly displays in the large and medium-sized line is good, is very line of these six feet or more. More than half of the coriolis dashboard market for line 2 feet or less. They also more and more in the specification more than 4 feet is very heavy and expensive. Specifications for orifice dashboard is a good thing, because a lot of lines have a lot of orifice plate data signal across the interior space. Although some coriolis dealers have to 18 feet the size of the pipeline to build dashboards, orifice dashboard still have specification, because many around to 12 to 43 feet and specifications of the gas migration of trade. Coriolis dealers haven't to think how to so big manufacturing coriolis dashboard piping specifications. Gas flow measurement: within the scope of such a few inches to the use of natural gas pipeline orifice pressure and gas pressure (dashboard key competitors are DP) The dashboard. Orifice panel with high precision, non invasive, and then the change of time have sales price, not in the mobile component. DP and turbine flowmeter in basically has the advantages of installation, because they already applied for a long-term. Nowadays, many companies now choose application of orifice meter, especially in is the latest project. The continuous development of gas flow measurement sales market has for the orifice meter sales market strong forecast to improve. Gas traffic forecast sales market will show the information to produce good in processing gas and gas torches, and its application of multi-channel trade orifice meter work handover. Orifice dashboard is now more and more widely to organic chemistry and refine industrial production to accurately measure process gas. The dashboard can replace with magnetic dashboard to accurately measure the conductivity of liquid or gas pressure. Welding welding orifice meter dashboard will be used to accurately measure torch gas again, to large and medium-sized line. Produce a large number of accurate measuring gas orifice meter calibration equipment application traffic of blocking is the dashboard correction problem again. Until 1999, in a foreign country is not very easy to get the gas calibration equipment. In many cases, customers must expect correction dashboard will they sent to Europe. In 1999, ( CEESI) Set up calibration equipment in Iowa. The equipment can correction within the scope of 30 to 36 feet of large and medium-sized and small dashboard panel.
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