Orifice meter installation must comply with technical requirements and length of straight pipe schedule

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-03
Orifice flowmeter is a kind of application to a wide range of flow meter type one, although in recent years as there have been new technology applied in the field of flow measurement, such as electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter and the turbine, and vortex street, but still large orifice flowmeter in use, because it as standard orifice is full, and get the recognition of domestic standards organizations, and no real flow calibration, can putting-in-service proactively, in the flow sensor is also * *; Structure easy to copy, simple, firm, stable and reliable performance, low price; Application range is wide, including all the single phase fluid ( Liquid, gas, steam) partially miscible flow, average diameter working state of the production process ( Temperature, pressure) All can be measured; Detection and the differential display instrument can separate different manufacturer production, and production scale of * *. In flow meter in the process of installation and use, not strictly comply with technical requirements and design to provide data and find into error. So its advantage is very obvious, this also is many enterprises still passionate about the cause of the orifice flowmeter. Due to the limitation of the structure of the orifice meter itself, so the measurement accuracy is not high, there are many reason will lead to the error because when installation system, and the size of the error cannot be estimated. But through the analysis of the factors causing error, error can be reduced. Orifice plate flow measurement system is installed, must meet the following technical requirements: 1) Orifice plate installation, his hole center and concentric pipe center axis, and its end face perpendicular to the pipe axis; 2) In orifice, the downstream side takes pressure hole axis in accordance with the distance from the hole board, downstream face is 25. 4± 0. The requirement of 8 mm; 3) Take the axis of the hole should be with the orifice of upstream and downstream side 2 d measuring tube length in the axis of the cylindrical vertical, apply pressure hole axis and the orifice plate facing slope Angle on both ends of the Angle is not more than 3 degrees. Take hole diameter should not be greater than zero. 08年d; 4) Orifice plate need straight pipe before and after installation, the length of the straight pipe upstream side plate with holes form of local resistance and diameter ratio & beta; Is related to the method for determining the following table: table. Between the orifice and choke the required length of straight pipe ( No flow regulator) ( Values expressed in pipe diameter D multiples) Diameter ratio & beta; Orifice swim side ( The entrance) A single 90 o bend two 90 o bend in any plane ( > 30 d) On the same plane of two 90 o elbow, S shape ( 30 d≥ 年代> 10 d) On the same plane of two 90 o elbow, S shape ( 10 d≥ S) In the vertical plane of two 90 o elbow, ( 30 d≥ S≥ 5 d) In the vertical plane of two 90 o elbow, ( 5 d >) A single 90 45 o o t a single elbow on the same plane of two 45 o Angle, S shape ( 22 S > d) ABABABABABABAB0. 2063101010101918341793⑤⑤0. 401631010101044185025933090. 5022918102210441875341993090. 6042133018421844186525291830180. 6744204418442044206010361844180. 754420441844224420751844184418 diameter than & beta; Orifice swim side ( The entrance) Orifice plate downstream side ( Export) Reducer in 1. The length of the 5 D to 3 D from 2 D to D in divergent tube in the D to the length of the 2 D by the 0. 5 D to D full bore ball valve or gate valve fully open symmetric sudden shrinkage tube thermometer casing or pin diameter less than 0. In front of the 3 d all type and density gauge casing ABABABABABAB0 choke. 2055168126301553420. 4055168126301553630. 5065189126301553630. 6095221114730155373. 50. 67126271418930155373. 50. 7522113819241230155384 the installation of the orifice flowmeter in bad conditions, using flow regulator if possible. Thermometer casing installation will not change the length of straight pipe upstream side of the small. Small straight pipe length refers to the upstream and downstream orifice choke with the length between the orifice, the length from near the surface of elbow and tee part of the downstream or reducer and divergent tube at the end of the taper pipe section downstream end of the measurement. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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