One size input type liquid level transmitter

by:KAIDI     2021-02-03
A body type liquid level transmitter and input type level gauge, the inputting type liquid level sensor, adopt import stainless steel isolation diaphragm, high accuracy, high stability of force sensitive chip after reasonable structure design of precision and thick film technology, temperature compensation, signal amplifier, V/I conversion, to seal welding of stainless steel shell, equipped with gas leading waterproof cable, connecting the sensor back pressure cavity and atmosphere and thus made industry standard signal output and solid-state product performance is stable and reliable. Product pictures: one size input type liquid level transmitter using diffusion silicon or ceramic piezoresistive effect of sensitive element, the static pressure into electrical signals. After transformation, temperature compensation and the linear correction into 4 - 20 madc standard current signal output, can be directly into the liquid sensor part, one size input type liquid level transmitter part available flange or bracket, installation is more convenient. 1, if the tank bottom or bilge easy accumulation of the sludge, the content such as diesel, a separate measurement probe tank bottom must be high, so as to avoid clutter infarction probe. 2, when open containers in measuring static level, the liquid level transmitter of indirect investment to the bottom of the container, the container was reluctant to place with nylon belt or at the foot of the three adjustable mounting bracket will cable (such as Junction box) Solid can be. 3, measurement activity or have a mixing liquid level, usually the bore diameter & Phi; About 45 mm steel pipe ( The height of liquid flow on the back of the difference between how many holes, so that water hysteresis into the tube) Solid in the water, then input type level gauge can be used in the steel pipe. Or adding damping installed at the bottom of the liquid, to filter sand and eliminate static pressure and sea waves influence on the measurement. 4, in medium shake is bigger, gas leading cable long situation, should accept the sleeve to probe its solid, in case the probe swings which might affect the accuracy of measurement. 5, transmitter installation deflection of the vertical, the inputting type installation position should be after using liquid balance and blender. 6, in the use of larger vibration, can be in a shape into type liquid level transmitter winding wire, wire suspension, so as to avoid tensile cables.
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