Of our side mounted magnetic level gauge turning quality policies and regulations

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-14
In modern production, the product quality is the survival and development of an enterprise, side mounted magnetic flap liquid level meter as an important category of products in the electronic measuring equipment, play an important role in the production. Along with our country economic development, industrial production of automation, intelligent, digital, networked demand is higher and higher, also with the people's living standards continue to improve, the entire society to product safety and quality consciousness, the performance of government functional departments of the contralateral mounted magnetic flap liquidometer product quality supervision and spot check is more strict, and according to the law of the People's Republic of China on the side mounted magnetic level gauge product quality standard 'turning to the side mounted magnetic flap level gauge shall be promulgated by way of product quality supervision and spot check result. People found and magnetic flap side mounted level gauge product quality problems, especially to personal injuries and property losses because of this, will be more and more to resort to law or seek network public opinion support, such as media events will expand rapidly. So once occur, especially could endanger human body health and personal and property safety of serious quality problem, light person enterprise economic compensation, the person that weigh enterprise may fail or even be shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. As a key strategic emerging industry in our province, LED lighting developing rapidly, new technology constantly emerging, enterprises should attach great importance to the side mounted magnetic flap level gauge the quality of our products and to know more about master side type magnetic flap level of laws, regulations and standard lighting product quality requirements, such as in an impregnable position in the fierce competition. A magnetic flap, our country related side mounted the level of main product quality laws, regulations and technical requirements: 1. 'Product quality law of the People's Republic of China' : the supervision of product quality, product quality responsibility of the producers and sellers and the duty, damages, penalties are expounded in detail. 2. The energy conservation law of the People's Republic of China: the rational use of energy saving management, and energy saving, energy saving technology progress, incentives and legal liability provisions in detail. 3. 'Energy efficiency label management approach' : for energy efficiency label, supervision and management, the implementation of the penalty provisions in detail. 4. 'Certification and accreditation regulation of the People's Republic of China' : for the establishment of certification bodies, certification and accreditation activities carried out and the supervision and management, the legal responsibility of certification activities in detail in this paper. 5. 'Mandatory product certification management regulation' : the mandatory product certification organization and management, the implementation of the compulsory product certification system, the supervision and management of the compulsory product certification, penalty provisions in detail. Second, the Chinese side mounted magnetic level gauge products quality standard system and turning lighting product safety, performance, energy efficiency standards 1. Our country side mounted magnetic flap the level of standard product quality standard level at present in our country are: the national standards, industry standards and local standards; In the absence of the three standards, the enterprise should formulate standards or adopt national standard, and to the quality supervision departments for the record, otherwise will be illegal to manufacture. In terms of standard scale: domestic standard & gt; The national standard & gt; Industry standard & gt; Local standards & gt; The enterprise standard. As for the standard technical requirements: domestic standard & lt; The national standard & lt; Industry standard & lt; Local standards & lt; The enterprise standard. In addition, in our country whether lighting products included in the scope of CCC compulsory certification and CQC voluntary certification, its safety standards are all products have to comply with and conform to the compulsory standards. China's lighting product safety standards are basically with the IEC standards and equivalent. Lighting product energy efficiency standards in our country is also the product must comply with and conform to the compulsory standards. These series of domestic standards, national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards formulated and promulgated, constitute the Chinese instruments in the production of the enterprise needs to follow the law of, enterprise production need according to the situation of the enterprise to choose, and follow only abide by the rules of the game, is likely to benefit in the game. If a business does not regard product quality as the life and the survival of enterprises, will be eliminated.
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