My company's technical engineers validation method for ultrasonic flowmeter

by:KAIDI     2021-01-20
Flow meter consists of ultrasonic flowmeter, products must be every quarter to carry out the correction work, but often cause that situation, if must free online calibration quarterly metrological verification, and can not be offline download the actual operation, such as large and medium-sized water supply pipe does not allow in the end when conducting metrological verification work. For specific application on the spot under the standard flow measurement system software is accurate, precise level how, must be executed on the spot free online calibration, verification or authentication and so on three different levels of operation. How to work in the production line equipment is not terminated in the condition to carry out the metrological verification calibration work, it brings a new task for clear professional and technical personnel. Free online ultrasonic flowmeter calibration is under the standard of accurate measurement on the spot will flow through to correction fluid mechanics of temporary mobile people (dashboard Or portable) Total flow standard device or standard metrological verification carried out relatively. In addition to the free online calibration high-level personnel, there are free online check and free online certification 2 levels. There is no doubt that the total capacity of ultrasonic flowmeter numerical is generally in the factory traffic on total flow standard device of the lab, solid flow, transfer numerical correction work. Only in the application of the application of the standard deviation correction on the spot when under the standard reference work, that is to say to all the key position of the detection system ( Contains the hose around, physical mobility, flow meter, etc. ) Precise measurement accuracy, or commercial service field application of the work handover in the metrological verification regulations keep the metrological verification in the spacing of the cycle time, also has is not terminate line correction offline download site at work, have to keep free online correction. Ultrasonic flowmeter free online metrological verification methods to maintain free online correction, only not thoroughly, in a certain level was not on the correction of specified requirements, the relativity in free online comparison methods, rules of relativity is low, can only be similar accuracy of reference meter, ultrasonic flow meter free online certification with Jane after inspection way for reliable, it can make certification and assess ultrasonic flowmeter of the flow measurement value and other sex can be maintained within or beyond the scope of the original calibration features, for the dashboard still set system software even work attitude is allowed to apply the data.
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