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Monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitter module parameters

by:KAIDI     2021-02-13
Monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitter is used to petrochemical chemical plants, power engineering, steel, concrete, electric energy steps such as industrial production pressure transmitter, in view of the continuous production process steps to industrial production, stable of pressure transmitter is the ensure machining process, if appear accurate measurement is not correct lead to common manufacturing to or equipment failure, lead to property loss and risk. So on petroleum chemical industry chemical steps such as industrial production customers, the reliability of pressure transmitter and credibility is a key performance parameters of pressure transmitter considerations. Xin yu chong until discuss with everyone under the single crystal silicon pressure transmitter the advantage of the main parameters of the control module. Aiming at the reliability of pressure transmitter, petrochemical chemical engineer often on the spot according to the pressure transmitter installation application of zero drift after so many months to distinguish, if the condition of zero drift, will feel the pressure transmitter reliability is not very good. Guys know, petrochemical chemical manufacturing place more extreme natural environment, pressure transmitter is category electronics calibration equipment, precise measurement process medium erosion, and rain in the outdoor environmental hazards, reduce feature can cause some unit for a long time, the reliability of the pressure transmitter with lower. Overall, to step industrial production pressure transmitter reliability contain medium and working temperature, air pressure, the hazards and the zero point, the full range, the linear comprehensive index. Air pressure is harmful steps a key index of industrial grade silicon pressure transmitter, at a high air pressure differential pressure gauge, wind pressure caused by the deviation will be beyond the accuracy grade of micro differential pressure, accurate measurement result of serious mistakes. Petrochemical chemical plants, power engineering, steel and other steps to industrial production of tanks, piping arithmetic for traffic pressure of liquid level meter and gas storage with air pressure, differential pressure transmitter in this wind hazards in the work, you have to get the precise measurement of the accurate results, to ensure smooth processing and processing technology of the same, how to get accurate in high wind pressure natural environment of gas pressure gauge, Liquid level meter and traffic) , pressure transmitter manufacturers are also always in search, for the production of monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitter manufacturers, from the design of the gas pressure sensing technology control module to balance high pressure side and bottom pressure and wind pressure, weak wind pressure deviation harm; Main parameters more than the other method is to choose monocrystalline silicon sensor module real-time compensation of wind pressure control, the fundamental way to deal with wind hazards and ensure the accuracy and high precision of the gas pressure measurement. Main parameters more than monocrystalline silicon sensor, also known as monocrystalline silicon, multiple variables sensor integrated gas pressure, absolute pressure, or table working pressure and temperature sensitive element. Choose more than monocrystalline silicon of the main parameters of the sensor can be according to the absolute pressure differential pressure transmitter or table work pressure sensitive element for wind pressure gauge, and carry out the real-time wind damage compensation, the actual effect is stronger. For most of the customers, the pressure transmitter in the production line to carry out the linear ( Precision) And temperature compensation is relatively understanding, main parameters of monocrystalline silicon more sensing technology control module to carry out the air pressure compensation way is consistent, monocrystalline silicon main parameters more sensing technology control module in the production line of wind pressure, the linear and temperature compensation. Monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitter equilibrium wind harm, not only from the mechanical design and control module adopting many main parameters of single crystal silicon sensor real-time compensation of wind pressure deviation, fundamental way to deal with wind pressure, consider steps of industrial production customer performance requirements for pressure transmitter reliability and credibility. Monocrystalline silicon main parameters more sensitive element, the selecting high load double pulse dampers protective packaging structure, suitable steps to industrial production of liquid, gas or steam use accurate measurement. Widely used: process management, traffic monitoring, hydraulic and pneumatic machinery, equipment and so on. Multiple variables each sensor can accurately measure together the whole process of gas pressure, static pressure ( Table work pressure or absolute pressure) And temperature ( Sensitive element) The three main parameters, under the natural environment of extreme application of reduced pressure transmitter and the installation of the differential pressure transmitter, total reached three over ten thousand of the high precision.
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