Medium mixture and attachments on the pipeline of the impact of electromagnetic flowmeter measurement

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-26
In the pipeline of the electromagnetic flowmeter measurement is not affected by fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and the influence of the conductivity changes; Measuring pipe unimpeded flow components, no pressure loss, low straight pipe requirements. To measure serum has a unique adaptability. But uneven due to medium containing other mixture can produce certain effect to measure, such as air bubbles and magnetic particles are the factor that leads to volatility measurement results. Let's do a specific to these factors affecting the measurement of: a, medium containing material effect on the measuring condition: 1, bubble: mix into bubble flow of tiny air bubbles can still work normally, but measured is a mixture of bubble-free volume volume flow; Such as gas content increased to form play ( Block) Flow pattern, because the electrode may be covered gas circuit instantaneous disconnection, output the shaking and even can't work normally. 2, magnetic materials, are not ferromagnetic particles or fiber of solid-liquid two-phase fluid can also measured the size of two phase flow. Fluid solid content is higher, such as drilling mud, drilling solid slurry, such as pulp has in fact is a non-newtonian fluid. Due to the solid in the carrier fluid flow together, sliding between, the difference in speed, single-phase liquid calibration instrument used in solid-liquid two-phase flow experience have additional error. 3, solid: although haven't seen the EMF is applied to the solid liquid two phase fluid experiment report on the effect of the solids system, but there are reports that domestic solid content is 14% when the error is within 3% range; The Yellow River conservancy commission in China water conservancy science research institute of experimental report, measuring high sediment concentration of water flow, sediment concentration volume ratio (17% ~ 40% The sand diameter 0, 35 mm) Instrument measurement error less than 3%. 4, larger particles: greatly in slurry particles grazed pipeline of the surface of the electrode electromagnetic flowmeter, in low frequency rectangle excitation EMF produces peak shape slurry noise, make the traffic signal instability, be about to choose a high frequency of the instrument or strong ability of inhibiting slurry noise meter, also can choose ac excitation instrument or double-frequency excitation of the instrument. Fluid containing ferromagnetic substance of EMF, usually because of the measuring tube permeability changes, by the different content of ferromagnet can produce error of measurement. But with magnetic flux detecting coil in the magnetic circuit to compensate the EMF, can reduce the influence of mixed with ferromagnetic. Huaian in instrument and meter plant in ac excitation instrument experiment report, water containing liquid solid weight ratio of about 4:1, granularity & le; 0, 15 mm iron essence of ore pulp, compared with 80 mm diameter instrument for water and slurry flow test, usually the meter says value change 7% ~ 10%, and is equipped with magnetic flux testing coil instrument, error value in & plusmn; Within 2% FS. 5, to the pulp containing ore particles application, should pay attention to pipeline lining the wear degree of electromagnetic flowmeter sensor, pipe diameter will develop additional measurement error. This occasion should choose a good wear-resistance ceramic lining or polyurethane rubber lining, suggest sensors installed in vertical pipe runs at the same time, make the pipe wear uniform, eliminate the horizontal lower partial wear serious shortcomings, nozzle inlet side can also be in sensor mounted to the sheath, relative to lengthen life. Second, the adhesion and deposition in the piping condition: the influence of measurement results for measuring fluid in wall adhesion and sediment quality, if the attached is higher than the liquid conductivity of conductive material, electric potential signal will be a short circuit and unable to work, if is a conductive layer * should first pay attention to the pollution of pipeline electrode electromagnetic flowmeter, such as choose not easy adhesion, pointed or domed electrode, replaceable type electrode, scraper type cleaning scales electrodes, etc. Scraper type electrode outside sensor scrape manual scaling back on a regular basis. Domestic products have electrodes with ultrasonic transducer, to remove surface dirt, but is now rare. Also have temporarily disconnect measurement circuit, the electrode gap time through the low voltage high current, burned clean the oil type of adhesive layer adhesion. Easy generation of places can improve the flow rate to achieve the purpose of the cleaning, you can also take convenient easy to clean the pipe connection, don't remove the cleaning pipeline electromagnetic flowmeter sensor. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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