Magnetic level gauge turning exhaust valve and drain valve on the role and the product use

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-27
Magnetic level gauge is also known as turning magnetic column or maglev ball liquid level gauge, magnetic level gauge turning indicator is installed on the outside of barrels or above, and control the liquid level inside the tank, used to denote a closed form according to the need to install the drain valve and exhaust valve, accept custom flange acceptable level of a liquid level measuring display and control instrument, indicator consists of magnetic shade or magnetic double column, when the body inner magnetic float level increase in color piece, can display liquid level height. Can also be used on the pipe body with magnetic switch or remote transmitter, switch signal output or analog signal, it can carry out remote observation and control. Suitable for high temperature and high pressure, corrosion resistance, etc, can be on the display and remote control. Generally above all on the magnetic flap liquid level gauge is equipped with two valves, at the top of the emptying valve, pipe gas vent. Level gauge end part also has a valve, drain valve. These two valves are standard configuration, but sometimes on the exhaust valve replace with a plug, can be turned on, then tighten. When there is something wrong with the liquid level meter, such as magnetic flap the dirt, affect the measurement, need to repair, you need a valve close to death now, and then open the drain valve, put a put, sometimes it isn't clean, because your breath, on the need to open the valve and clean thoroughly. But sometimes there are smudges, need to pour some oil or water from above, sometimes through steam purging. When measuring medium * * or the extremely dangerous medium such as bums extremely easily, need an airtight emissions, these two valve to the future of the equipment maintenance and overhaul has the very important role, can effectively reduce the maintenance workload, convenient operation, so that the two valve good to match neat! Magnetic flap as a liquid level measuring instrument principle and the structure is relatively simple, rapid advances in technology, adopt new technology products of various kinds are springing up constantly today, still has its place in the market, is an important reason, which magnetic level gauge turning installation is convenient, intuitive, maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic is an important aspect. Magnetic flap about liquid level meter in the measurement process had many advantages, such as what are the typical this article introduced one by one to you as follows. A magnetic flap, level gauge tube body adopts the seamless steel pipe, connecting pipe in the hole welding, internal without scratches. Magnetic flap to gauge installation can choose side and roof, magnetic level gauge ontology turning the bottom seal. Second, the magnetic level gauge application principle of communicating vessels turning, ensure container under test and measurement of liquid level between the tube body is equal, when the measuring tube float with the measured liquid level in the amount of change, the magnetic float body and shown on the display panel color column in the magnetic body, make the color column, white said aneroid, red for a fluid, in order to achieve local display, the value of liquid level. Three, magnetic flap liquid level gauge is based on magnetic float sensor element, and through the magnetic float and display of the magnetic body in the color column magnetic coupling effect, reflect the measured liquid level measuring instrument or interface. Four magnetic flap, also known as magnetic level gauge, level gauge magnetic level gauge, double column inspcetion liquid level meter, it is the use of magnetic coupling principle of work, the magnetic flap level gauge makes up for the glass tube liquid level meter cannot work under high temperature and high pressure and fragile multiple faults. Five, the in situ show that the magnetic level gauge with direct display, eye-catching, turning Angle width, structure is compact and reasonable, safe and reliable, no & other; Run, run, drip, leak & throughout; Phenomenon, small amount of maintenance, low maintenance cost advantages, and its instruction function without additional power supply, even if the power supply fails, the observation will not be affected, is the ideal liquid level measuring instrument. Six, magnetic level gauge with side and top with two turning installation, by whatever way can bind remote transmission device, the liquid level meter which can be in show level, can remote monitoring level again. Bind the magnetic flap after the level can be called far eastone magnetic flap liquid level gauge. Seven, magnetic level gauge if turning configuration UR resistance type liquid level sensor, or UB resistance & ndash; Current liquid level transmitter and ( Secondary) Display instrument, can complete the electric remote transmission and 4 ~ 20 ma output ( Or 0 ~ 10 ma) The standard signal, to match the recording instrument, or industrial control computer connected to the Internet. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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