Magnetic flap up. the liquid level meter used in sewage treatment industry

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-01
With the acceleration of modernization process, whether in the industrial production of wastewater, and urban residents live production wastewater, has caused enormous pressure to environmental protection. Waste gas, waste water, solid waste is the environmental pollution caused by the main three factors, a total of nearly seven billion people around the world, was the urban and rural residents living water, which is a huge amount of pollution sources. Human production and living every day with a large number of discarded sewage water, for wastewater treatment is an important link in environmental protection work. In sewage processing production, for the flow of the liquid level control and measurement is an important work, the current in the instrument market also has a variety of different types of products in the sales and use. This paper recommend a kind of based on the working fluid buoyancy and magnetic coupling principle of magnetic level gauge, turning in the sewage treatment industry level measurement and control of this piece of usage is bigger, it not only can easily realize the level of field observation and data acquisition, also can be achieved by adding relevant remote device measurement data remote transmission, convenient the remote control and centralized management of the enterprise, its installation and maintenance is very convenient, is worth promoting a sewage liquid level measuring instrument. Production sewage and industrial sewage, contain many harmful ingredients, not suitable for direct contact with the manual for operation, under such circumstances, how to transfer, eliminate sewage, how to grasp the actual situation of sewage has become a difficult problem, using magnetic level gauge, turning can be flexible enough to grasp the depth of the liquid situation of living sewage, and can be calculated accordingly about capacity of sewage, differentiation and metastasis through data, after the command input, transmitter via remote signal control corresponding to change liquid of hydraulic pumps and valves, prompting liquid active in transmission, reached the target of safety, environmental protection sewage. A sewage treatment plant in the following specific examples to illustrate the use of: 1) Grid operation control. Coarse grid and fine grid installed one magnetic flap liquid level gauge, liquid level difference before and after to reflect through gratings congestion degree, and transmitted to the PLC controller, analysis and calculation. When the liquid level difference more than the preset value, control the operation of grille, eliminate waste, to ensure normal water, and reasonable reduce equipment wear and tear. 2) Lift pump operation control. To achieve the automatic control of the feed water pump, in into the pump Wells installed two magnetic column level gauge, measure pump well water level, real-time transmission to the PLC controller and PC, for system analysis. According to the measured values corresponding control program, automatically control the operation of the lift pump combination. So we can according to the factory outside water accurately and timely adjust the pump running state, reduce fatigue; At the same time can cancel traditional pumping station three shifts of human resource cost. 3) Flow and processing of real-time monitoring data can be through the glass tube liquid level meter. For the operation of the sewage treatment plant management, water is an important control parameter. Accurate and timely grasp into water, resistance to process control and improving sewage plant hydraulic impact load ability play an important role. Traditional water measured by weir plate or venturi flow channel, etc. , are not real-time monitoring, real-time display of the faults. Sewage tank using venturi tank, ultrasonic flowmeter can real-time display traffic at the scene and the upper machine and accumulative total capacity, water reached the accurate measurement processing, as well as the aim of management to provide real-time traffic. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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