Magnetic flap liquidometer in liquid level measuring the successful application of the environmental pollution case

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-02
As China's economic sustainable development, industrial production of large-scale, generalization, but also brought about the destruction of the environment and pollution, and is has a worsening trend in recent years, each of the people living in it for the environment is facing a dangerous situation and concerns, as public calls for more and more high, government level also begin to attach importance to environmental protection and construction. As a result the sanitation vehicles to vigorously develop. Especially the multi-function, high efficiency of pollution car more rapid development momentum. Pollution car is to collect, clean up the transport, sewage sludge, and avoid the secondary pollution of sanitation vehicles, new magnetic flap and liquid level gauge is indispensable important element pollution car, car pollution in the process of operation, the water jars on the surface of the liquid level in the body is usually observed by magnetic flap liquid level meter, and the pollution vehicle that is commonly used in the system of the magnetic flap the level structure, and existing problems of pollution car the commonly used magnetic flap the level structure, its structure by magnetic flap sewage tank level gauge bearing, straight ball valves, joints, organic glass, rubber straight, bend, worm and worm wheel clamp. Car pollution in the process of operation, due to the continuous working vacuum pump, vacuum formed in sewage jars, atmospheric pressure formation pressure difference with the outside world, sewage and sludge is by suction pipe constantly into the sewage tank. According to the principle of communicating vessels, the sewage tank liquid level height will pass transparent organic glass tube magnetic flap level gauge display. But because of its high inevitably mixed with sewage sludge in the shape of dirt, hard objects such as rocks, soil, tile, magnetic flap could jam the sewage tank level gauge pipeline, cause distortion of magnetic level gauge shows turning; When the sewage tank liquid level height is higher than design, part of the sewage is easy to get sucked into the vacuum pump by pumping vacuum tube road, small particles of water will cause pump parts wear or within the impeller card to death. Therefore, it is necessary to dredge magnetic level gauge line turning. Dredge the need to use special tool to open the rubber straight, bend, worm gear and worm clamp fittings, such as dredge etc. , are also required to seal joint after brought inconvenience to maintenance, also affects the service life. Is a * * magnetic flap level meter manufacturer, to provide various types of magnetic flap liquid level gauge. My other series products are electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, and other industrial automation instrument, relying on the powerful r&d strength and supporting local resources, our company produces the series products have been in the market has a high praise, welcome the masses of users friends is 0517 - Our domestic sales and service hotline 86917118, negotiate orders. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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