Magnetic flap liquid level meter installed flange sealing valve leakage problem reason and solution

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-30
Domestic use early magnetic level gauge is moored turning to product, after many years of research and development of domestic industry technical personnel, the magnetic flap liquid level of the production technology is mature, the development of the domestic magnetic flap of the level of products have appeared in the various requirements of the product is suitable for all kinds of measurement site, side mounted, top mounted, anti-corrosion, remote transmission, has been fairly complete jacket insulation and other products. Domestic magnetic flap level gauge production standard is mainly on the basis of the original issued by the ministry of chemical magnetic level gauge standard HG/T21584 - 95, this instrument can be used in a variety of towers, tanks, tank, spherical vessel and boiler equipment such as medium level detection. RZ - UHZ series magnetic level gauge is the knock-out product of instrument, turning its series level gauge can achieve high sealing, leakage protection and is suitable for high temperature and high pressure, corrosion resistance of the occasion. It makes up for the glass plate ( Tube) Level gauge indicating poor resolution, easily broken, no blind area and the whole process of measurement, showed clear, large measuring range. Magnetic level gauge turning parts materials using 1 cr18ni9ti, 316 l, 1 cr18ni9ti lining PTFE (0 cr18ni9ti, Ptfe) , the material such as PVC, PP and imported components, has a good reliability and corrosion resistance. Magnetic flap liquidometer potentiometer can be directly used to observe all kinds of containers within the medium level. It is suitable for liquid level indicator in the field of petroleum, chemical and other industries, the liquid level meter has simple structure, observe the intuitive, clear, no blocking, no leakage, convenient installation, easy maintenance. On the glass level gauge, the bottom flange installation connected to the container constitute connectors, through the glass plate can be directly observed the actual height of container level. A safe ball valve, when the glass due to accidental damage, steel ball under the action of internal pressure in the container automatically sealing, prevent the liquid within the container, and ensure the safety of operating personnel. A magnetic flap, liquid level meter leak sealing surface: 1 level gauge, magnetic double column flange sealing surface is accompanied by dirt. The solution: clean the sealing surface. 2, sealing surface damage. The solution: seal face or replace the sealing surface grinding. Second level gauge, central magnetic double column flange parts leak reason and solution: 1, flange bolts not tight or slack uneven. Solution: the screw loosening, and homogeneous symmetric tighten again. 2, gasket damage or failure. Solution: replace the gasket. 3, between the flange sealing surface dirt. Solution: remove flange cleaning. Three, the valve stem transhipment is not flexible: 1, the valve core cover joint Angle is too tight or bearing wear. Solution: adjust the packing bearing looseness or replaced. 2, the valve stem, or between a stem nut debris or dirt, the valve stem or damaged stem nut. Solution: apart to clean the valve stem, the damage to the valve replacement if the strut or stem nut. 3, opening and closing device failure. Solution: according to the manual inspection is out of order after four, gland leakage repair: 1, loose packing, or packing gland partial pressure. The solution: the packing gland should be uniform pressure. 2 level gauge, magnetic double column flange packing failure. Solution: change the new packing. ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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