Magnetic flap liquid level meter in the liquefied petroleum gas metering with mass flowmeter with analysis of the effect

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-02
One, in this paper, in recent years, with the enterprise economic system reform gradually thorough, and accelerate development of science and technology progress, compared with before for energy saving, energy and energy metering management work measuring instruments equipped with higher update requirements. Energy metering for the production and development of the enterprise, is a very important thing, is the foundation of the enterprise towards modern production management. Enterprises need through the energy measuring this kind of means for scientific management of energy, to realize saving energy and reducing consumption, improve the economic benefit and lost the correct measurement basis work, will not be able to effectively safeguard the interests of the enterprise, unable to effectively improve the economic benefit. Energy measuring instruments is the material basis for the energy measurement work, scientific and reasonable configuration, management of measuring instruments is the enterprise to do a good job of energy metering technology guarantee, therefore the enterprise energy metering work seems especially important. Magnetic flap liquid level meter is a kind of very common in industrial production, particularly large dosage of level measurement instrument, played an important role at the scene of the many level measurement. Writing this article is to analyze magnetic flap level gauge measurement error causes, puts forward the opinion, and analyzes the principle of flow meter and other performance, thus to ensure the safe and accurate operation and maintenance of the economic interests of the enterprise. Two third of background, problem, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) branch is located in dagang BanChang Road, long-term for the through 80 kilometers of liquefied petroleum gas pipeline transportation task and a small amount of the cylinder canned business. Liquefied petroleum gas * first branch is located in xiqing district wang zhuang zi village south, for the whole city and suburban about 10 all users and part of the industrial and commercial households gas business. For a long time, for one, three branch through 80 kilometers high pressure pipeline of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) always use liquefied petroleum gas storage tank of liquid level measurement, method is to use magnetic flap level gauge measuring method. Magnetic level gauge is using the principle of magnetic coupling effect, turning instrument and tank connected to connectors, the instrument with magnetic float, in order to ensure the liquid level display accurate, the proportion of magnetic float parameters according to the containers within the medium density is designed, the instrument pipe outside surface is equipped with display, display install explicit magnetic flap. Magnetic float along with the change of storage tank liquid level inside the pipe, floating, through the magnetic coupling effect, display the magnetic flap and synchronous reverse change color, red liquid, white shows that the gas phase, red and white color junction is the practical level of the storage tank. This level gauge and measurement methods have been used up to now, however, our tracking over a period of time. Found by magnetic flap liquid level meter readings to calculate, the result is reliable. For example, a 1000 m3 LPG storage tank, the result of the different time to read the data, calculate the sometimes ( Especially in summer) 10 tons. See figures 1:3, problem analysis to 1000 m3 ( Diameter of 12. 3米) As an example. We know that swells liquid is heated, its density gets smaller. On the contrary, when the liquid cools down the volume will narrow, density. There are most liquid in the tank, in particular, when the environmental temperature is higher than the tank temperature, heat storage tank, and in the ambient temperature is lower than the storage tank temperature, heat storage tank, according to more than a year of observation, observation, that is to say, the storage tank temperature than ambient temperature change is big. Visible tank temperature changes smoothly in the table. And the level of communicating pipe connected to tank diameter smaller ( DN50) , tube few in number, the liquid is highly affected by the ambient temperature, especially communicating pipe in direct sunlight, the temperature change is bigger, that is, the storage tank of liquid level gauge with the liquid temperature and fluid temperature is different, in the connecting pipe is its density is also different. It is generally believed that in the communicating pipe liquid level height and the height of the tank level should be at the same level, in fact, not necessarily. We did an experiment, when outdoor temperature is 30 ℃, the temperature of the pipe is 30 ℃, the storage tank temperature of 22 ℃, especially due to the expansion coefficient of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is much bigger than the water, the density difference is bigger.
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