Magnetic flap in practical use for the level of four types of magnetic troubleshooting solutions

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-27
Magnetic level gauge is turning in the tank farm using common a kind of liquid level measuring instrument, in the process of actual use, sometimes will send magnetic flap the level of fault, due to the reason of magnetic produce according to embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Technical personnel in the force of the magnetic flap the level by the end of the float, such a conclusion can be found that if the float is sucked in the liquid level switch is not can rise, along with the liquid level or increase buoyancy, either gravity or decrease magnetic attraction between the float and liquid level switch. About the two different processing methods, if increase buoyancy, float is bound to increase volume, float gravity will increase, but the float within the buoy, increased volume of allowance. And we decreased the gravity may make of the center of gravity of the float, float prone to turn, touch the ground with buoy; After float weight up, may lead to inconsistent with float liquid level float magnet steel center, magnetic flap skew level gauge display. How to reduce the magnetic attraction of the magnetic switch and float between, we have four kinds of schemes for your choice: ( 1) * first reduce magnetic micro switch. Float with micro switch magnetic attraction also decreases, and float in the process of rising or falling, float to drive smaller, the power of the micro switch magnetic level gauge turning work will not be affected. ( 2) The second is to reduce the magnetic float, but can lead to turn slowly turning, lag or action. Because the magnetic flap flip is driven by magnetic attraction of float, reduce the magnetic float, also reduces the magnetic attraction, easy to cause abnormal flap motion. ( 3) Third is increasing the float and the distance of the micro switch, because of magnetic attraction is along with the distance of the magnetic materials, and increase with the decrease of the distance will also reduce the float for micro switch magnetic attraction. Concrete can be in in the buoy micro switch with iron, thicken with micro switch again after certain level, make the magnetic attraction to float just can drive the float and the gravity is not too big. ( 4) The latter is the rotation Angle by adding micro switch, micro switch in float under the action of magnetic force, can the rotation Angle, but because of the limitation of micro switch is round the actual rotation Angle is small. After increasing the rotation Angle, micro switch magnetic column with float turn up, turn to the limit column, if the float and micro switch magnetic force is small, then the float will not force by micro switch is very big. Instrument technology co. , LTD. In this paper by embellish release, embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. * * in the magnetic flap in the level of research and development and manufacturing for many years, for the user in the process of using all kinds of situation has a complete set of solutions.
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