Inventory installation matters need to be aware of when using liquid level transmitter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2021-01-06
With a strong static pressure type fluid shift delivering silicon piezoresistive pressure oil-filled core body. Internal application-specific integrated circuit for the millivolt signal sensor is converted into standard remote power signal, directly connected to the computer card, controller, intelligent measuring device or PLC, this is the product range in industrial process control, is widely used in petroleum industry, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industry applications. Liquid level transmitter manufacturers, a senior engineer said: also known as the static pressure type fluid shift delivering into type liquid level transmitter, this product has good stability, convenient installation, firm structure, no start components, high reliability and long service life, can effectively improve the precision, more important is the product of comprehensive performance is very high. Maturing in the above features, the inlet fluid balance will is the first selection of measuring flow acidity level. However, installation and use must consider the following aspects: one, in addition to the individual areas, the soil of products should as far as possible away from the soil, water body and vertical installation as far as possible, avoid dirt and sun block product probe inlet, ensure measurement accuracy; Second, the installation position of level gauge to stay away from into the drain, in order to prevent damage of overload and negative pressure pressure sensor; Third, the pressure of the transmitter input has an insulating film, don't let the contact foreign body; Four, in the ceiling distribution area; Product must be slowly placed in measuring the container or other application places. Do not casually discarded, in order to avoid damage of water hammer pressure sensor; Five, the liquid to be tested the biggest range should be in the entire product range - 70% 90% range, in order to ensure enough resolution, accuracy and the necessary safety overload; Six, products of watertight cable shielding layer should use reliable metal, such as metal hose and metal shield connected to the adjacent land and reliable, to ensure the lightning protection ability; Seven, probe need to regular cleaning, lest jam entrance; Eight, if you run into problems in the process of installation and use, please contact our liquid level transmitter manufacturers. If there are any abnormal, please do not open repair.
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