Introduction to the choose and buy of temperature sensor and temperature transmitter

by:KAIDI     2021-01-18
Temperature sensor and temperature transmitter are non-standard products, new and old users when the choose and buy has to deal with the following problems: 1, the factory can't provide consulting models offer; 2, are unable to offer manufacturer specific technical requirements; 3, according to the shape to buy back the product cannot be collected data; 4, don't know how to choose to install. To solve above problems, as a leading manufacturer of temperature sensor, — Beijing kaidi provide solution is as follows: 1, if there is in the use of products, need to order again, only to the original supplier to provide the corresponding model can buy the same product, different manufacturer's product number will be different, generally A factory is unable to know the serial number of manufacturer B rules, so can't provide the same products. 2, the temperature sensor and the technical requirements of temperature transmitter has the following several important parameters: the output signal, Used by the display tables or collector decided) Installation ( Different environments have different installation way, such as pipe plug, etc. ) Size ( Determined by the installation and the installation environment) Precision ( Can choose from manufacturers to provide precision) 3, temperature sensor and temperature transmitter is the key parameters of the output signal, while the same appearance but does not the same product, does not match the output signal is collected less than temperature. 4, the choice of the ways of installation the most worry the trick is to provide specific installation environment request, provide feasible solution by manufacturers, after comprehensive consideration to determine whether it is feasible to user reference. Choose the right product, really need to communicate and cooperate with many times of both sides to improve the efficiency of cooperation.
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