Introduced the magnetic flap column level gauge before installation and of 11 points for attention during installation

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-27
Using magnetic flap with the market level gauge users continues to increase, our company often receives the user's feedback information about the magnetic level gauge use turning, there are many kinds of, ask questions mainly concentrated in the installation and use of the above, according to the case of our communication with the user, a lot of trouble or even the so-called & other Product quality & throughout; Problem, belong to human errors in operation, but as to & other; Service first, the user first & throughout; Concept of manufacturer we chose not to shirk responsibility when encountered such a problem, but to actively help users solve the problem, in order to reduce the other users in the use of the same kind of mistake, specify the time of this writing, hope that the user can through reading this article. 1, general magnetic flap level gauge are packed in wooden cases, transported inside the card, but even so, even if is to choose a good transport partners, also can't absolutely guarantee transportation perfect no damage, so be sure to check before unpacking the cases are in good condition, if there is a certain damage, must contact the manufacturer or be careful unpacking, so as to avoid inadvertently damaged in the process of unpacking had no damage level gauge, such as panel scratches, because the panel is in the process of unpacking is vulnerable to a hammer or other hard tool damage. 2, the installation site as far as possible don't been angry touch and liquid level meter and cause internal float or other parts of the damage. 3, due to the transportation process, the vibration and the object is moving, before bolted, as far as possible with the factory first matching & other; The bullet & throughout; Magnets within the frame of double column gave him down again from beginning to end, ensure consistency of magnetic flip. 4, debugging should be opened the upper guide tube valve, then slowly open the bottom valve, let the medium smoothly into the main pipe ( Should be avoided in the operation of the media rushed float, float play column fluctuations caused, affect the display accuracy) , observe whether magnetic turn red and white ball is normal, then close the tube valve, open the drain valve, let the led tube liquid level drops, this method for three times, it is normal, can be put into operation, Corrosion resistance and other special liquid except) 5, magnetic level gauge installation position, turning to avoid or away from the material medium import and export, avoid the material fluid local area of rapid change, influence the accuracy of the level measurement 6, magnetic level gauge must be vertical installation, turning to ensure magnetic float up and down in the dominant tube freely. 7, for special material, such as PP material. This easy to install because too much lead to rupture of also need to pay attention to. If the tank top and bottom flange flatness is not a plane or not level, so at the time of end flange butt up and down, and screw down the bolt will be liquid level meter in the flange and the gauge steel tube of crus fracture, some cracks even this is nearly a customer response this place is leaking. ( After water pressure test before delivery, and this causes the place leaking occasionally that contribute to their problem occurred because the customer of these reckless action) 8, magnetic level gauge cylinder turning around does not allow a magnetizer near, otherwise it will directly affect the normal work of the level gauge. 9, magnetic level gauge tube turning the body should not have solid impurities and magnetic impurities to enter, lest cause resistance and reduced buoyancy to float. 10, according to the situation of medium, can regularly open the drain valve leading pipe cleaning, removal of deposited material inside. 11, when equipped with remote transmission meter to do the following several: remote meter on induction surface should be oriented and close to the leading tube; Should make remote meter close to the level meter led tubes, and stainless steel hoop fixed ( Disable the iron) ; Far eastone meter should be zero and zero level gauge instructions at the same level; Far eastone matching between the instrument and display instrument or industrial attachment good wear protection pipe laying alone or in combination with block 2 core cable laying; Junction box into the line hole laying, require good seal, so as to avoid the rain, moisture intrusion and make the remote transmission meter does not work, after the completion of the junction box in maintenance or commissioning should be covered in a timely manner. ( This article has published embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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