Innovation strategy guide magnetic level gauge turning technology leap in the development of science and technology innovation power

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-15
As scientific and technological progress and the rapid development of information technology, in this context, all kinds of new type of measurement technology and measuring instruments from the laboratory into the practical application field, at the same time, the magnetic flap liquid level gauge and measurement control technology, as an essential part of the instrument industry of powerhouse, its also in constant progress, constantly updated, is becoming more and more widely used, instrument and meter industry is entering the acceleration development track. As is known to all, the core of the information technology is digital, collaboration and automation. The measurement technology, computer technology, communication technology constitute the three pillars of modern information technology, measuring technique is the key and foundation. On the domestic information technology manufacturing industry will also be characterised as computers, communications, instrumentation, three industries. Magnetic flap liquid level gauge is widely applied in the actual use of instrument industry is one of the types of instrument, it is according to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling effect and principle of communicating vessels. Whose basic principle is: when the measured liquid level fluctuation of the container, due to the principle of communicating vessels, liquid level meter in the main tube liquid level rise, in the main body of magnetic float with lifting, float in the permanent magnets by magnetic coupling to the magnetic column indicator, drive indicator in turning red, white double column are 180 & deg; Flip, double column level when it rises from white to red, when the liquid level drops from red to white, double column indicator to level the actual height of the container, the intersection of red and white, so as to realize level clear instructions, so also known as magnetic column or reverse magnetic level gauge. Embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. , on the basis of many years' accumulation of technology, in line with the science and technology first, service to check the enterprise idea, according to the characteristics of the production of our company and advantages, the production technology of magnetic flap liquid level and the relevant key technology innovation, win the market recognition and customer's affirmation, especially under the condition of corrosion and high temperature performance of the instrument is not stable, organizing team, ask an expert to actively research, eventually conquered, hand over a satisfactory answer to the customer and market, after technical reform of batch products and customers praise, for the company in the future market competition to win the market laid a foundation.
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