In the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter causes of malfunction

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-26
Intelligent, automatic and intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter flow measurement and control system of the new instrument, in all kinds of electrical conductivity of the flow measurement plays an important role, in the urban water supply, sewage treatment, printing and dyeing, chemical industry production operation have many aspects, such as good performance. Any kind of instruments in use process will produce the problem of one kind or another, electromagnetic flowmeter is no exception, of course, for the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter table troubleshooting process needs to have certain knowledge of * * can be completed, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is more flow meter for measuring liquid medium, made up of sensor and display, it can measure some medium? How does it selection? How to install it? How it fails screening? In the process of the use of the instrument you often have such doubt, embellish instrument co. , LTD in technology from member suggest that we can read some books about flow meter data, and related technologies through the technical department to communicate to the manufacturer's learning, constantly improve their ability and level in the measurement work. For the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter has a problem how to troubleshoot, * to solve the several problems: 1. Work according to the work area, check the power supply voltage is correct; 2. Sensor grounding is reliable or damage; 3. Any air bubbles under the media is full of sensors, medium; 4. Reading right no, measured values within the measuring range? 5. Loose end connection? 6. By soaking water flow sensor? Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter has a problem how to troubleshoot should pay attention to these aspects: 1. No display instrument; 2. Check whether the power supply is connected; 3. Check whether the power fuse is in good condition; 4. Check whether the power supply voltage is conform to the requirements; 5. Check whether the display contrast adjustment to adjust, and adjust if appropriate. The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter caused the cause of the problem has the following several aspects: environmental aspects; Fluid; On how to install. Environmental reasons: generally is the main pipeline stray current interference, space is strong electromagnetic interference, large motor magnetic field interference, etc. Pipeline stray current interference usually take good separate grounding protection can obtain satisfactory results, but if powerful stray current ( Such as electrolytic workshop pipeline, sometimes in two electrode induction ac electric potential peak Vpp can be as high as 1 v) , still need to take other measures and flow sensor and the pipe insulation and so on. Generally by the signal cable into space electromagnetic interference, usually adopts single layer or multi-layer shielding protected. Fluid reasons: the uniform distribution of tiny air bubbles in the liquid to be measured is usually does not affect the normal work of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, but with the increase of air bubbles, the volatility meter output signal, if the bubble is big enough to cover the entire electrode surface, as the bubble through the electrodes can make electrode circuit instantaneous trip and make the output signals appear larger fluctuation. Low frequency square wave excitation of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter measurement too solid content in slurry, slurry noise will be generated, the output signal wave. Measurement of mixed media, if before not mixing into the flow sensor measurements, will also make the output signal wave. Electrode materials and improper matching measured medium, will also be due to the chemistry or the polarization phenomenon affects normal measurement. Should be selected according to instrument or relevant manual correct matching electrode materials. Install reasons: usually intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter sensor installation position is not correct cause of fault, common such as sensor installed on the easy accumulation of gas piping high; Or installed on the top-down vertical tube, may appear empty; Or sensors after no back pressure, fluid directly discharged into the atmosphere to form the measuring tube not full package. In intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. With intelligent technology research and development at home and abroad of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, the sensor using non-uniform magnetic field technology and special magnetic circuit structure, magnetic field is stable and reliable, and narrow the volume, reduce the repetition, make small flow meter quantitative characteristics. Electromagnetic instrument adopts the whole Chinese converter, the central computing unit kernel and high-speed central processing unit. Computing speed very fast, high precision, reliable performance measurement. Converter circuit design using domestic technology, the input impedance of 1015 ohms, common mode rejection ratio is better than 100 db, for outside interference and 60 hz / 50 hz interference suppression ability is better than 90 db, so that can be measured more low electrical conductivity of the fluid flow. Make customer & other; Buy the rest assured that with the worry, service good & throughout; To provide users with satisfactory service and products is our unremitting pursuit. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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