In September we all need to make a small goal, to Beijing heard that values a million

by:KAIDI     2021-02-04
On September 21, organized by China instrument society Miconex2016 - Multinational exhibition will be held in Beijing, meter circle as the industry's most influential Internet knowledge community, the exhibition instrument is presented with a circle of friends circle will as a new media industry exhibition, organizational circle friends offline exhibition together, tour, and carried out a series of offline activities. China. Beijing point a: nearly 500 international exhibition at http://www. jswkybc。 Com/Miconex so far are: the central zhejiang, sic group, yokogawa sic, yokogawa electrical apparatus, Beijing group, Shanghai since the instrument, kaidi automation instrument equipment factory, China automation group, day, Rockwell, Honeywell, Phoenix, Fluke, Endress + Hauser kang, tianjin, nanjing, anhui days dispatch, Dillon, rainbow embellish, condenser, snow, wuhan square, the sea can, HART funds, Shanghai hospital, west booz, yu electricity, the Italian pavilion, constable, Germany figure, Beijing bo bothe when rhett, dalian haifeng, Philippines, Beijing three yuan winkle, jinhu county pavilion nearly 500 well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Highlight 2: nine instrument related meeting over the same period of 2016 Beijing international intelligent factory and Internet enterprise solution peak BBS 2016 the fifth industrial control system information security summit the 7th China international remote measurement and control system with RTU technology application development peak BBS miconex 2016 intelligent manufacturing FA PA industrial interconnection peak BBS mass flowmeter technology exchange meeting FieldComm Group 4 bus technology power industry. 0 and IIOT iot clothes and intelligent manufacturing KOSO - A new generation of intelligent positioner 4. Zero point three: measurement and control technology tour group instrument meter circle tour group tour route: chongqing sichuan instrument co. , LTD. ( Meter circle tour base) Jing nanjing times yokogawa electric meter group, nice day, honeywell fick instrument group cady Beijing bo rhett rockwell zhejiang tripartite Shanghai bamboo wuxi tooling Beijing ginde anhui days Kang Hongrun instrument condenser in zhejiang hangzhou since the fluke highlights four: salon instrument instrument people super debate highlights five: offline dinner interactive games + dinner meter circle of the 2nd line communication process collective exhibition and tour time: 8:30 am - September 21 Our location: China international exhibition center ( The new both) , Beijing meeting: the 27th China international exhibition on measuring control technology and instrument offline communication meeting time: 16:00 - September 21 At 21:00 location: pending quota: 30 main contents: (1:2: debating contest salon Communication, meals)
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