In petrochemical production how to ensure the correct installation and quality control in the automatic control instrument

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-08
A, this article introduction: instrument is one of the important equipment of petrochemical enterprises, not only to ensure the production of all kinds of production data in a timely manner, and through collaboration with other automatic control equipment, component in the production of automation control system, greatly improve the stability of production and production efficiency. With the development of chemical instrumentation in recent years, diversification, motors, intelligent and digital trend is more and more obvious. Chemical instrumentation is in the process of industrial production, to test the process parameters, the foundation of the display, record, or control. Electric instrument gradually to digital, intelligent direction, appeared a lot of control circuit based on SCM and integrated digital computing instrument, intelligent clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter, intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is one of the typical representative of the computer system to the network, open development, a new generation of intelligent detection instrument main characteristics is. Based on automatic control instrument in petrochemical production correct installation and quality control issues related to make a communication with you. Second, the petroleum chemical industry automatic control instrument installation and debugging and quality control procedures. 2. Two construction preparation for quality control. 1. 1 check the quality of pipe and accessories required in engineering of pipes, valves, fittings shall be comprehensively examine its model, specification, material, quantity, meets the design requirements. In addition to the certification requirements, the valve ( Including the regulator) Should also be the examination such as strength test and leakage test. Test items mentioned above shall be recorded for the record, do not pass shall be sent to site construction, in order to eliminate hidden dangers to ensure the project smoothly. 2. 1. 2 meter examination and acceptance of the construction method and standard in instrument engineering design construction drawing part did not make specific provisions shall implement the 'industrial automation instrument engineering construction and acceptance standard' GB50093 & ndash; 2002 and the petroleum chemical instrumentation engineering construction technical regulation SH/T352 & ndash; 2007; For the introduction of device instrumentation engineering, construction installation manual shall implement the relevant domestic standards and reference. During execution should make a record instrument commissioning the installation, should fill in instrumentation engineering commissioning data record, data is true, it signed at all levels is complete, correct, report in accordance with the relevant provisions. 2. 2 determine the construction sequence of the determination of the construction sequence should be paid attention to the following questions: ( 1) The single machine calibration shall be carried out before the installation of instrument, test instrumentation components. Was confirmed by checking whether the instrument in good condition, accuracy is qualified. If not qualified, to find out the reason, after confirmation, in writing by the relevant units to inform manufacturers bearer processing or replacement. Above problems must be settled before installation, eliminate safety hidden trouble, to ensure smooth putting-in-service proactively instrument. ( 2) All kinds of transducer ( Including instrument box) Installation of the large volume, wide surface, in order to make the quality of one pace reachs the designated position, construction personnel first several sets of installation, make its bearing elevation is reasonable, easy to operate, and by a representative of the supervision of personnel, design, instrument workshop on behalf of the confirmation, as a model and a large number of construction. This can avoid rework, and can improve the level of the overall planning of construction. Usually can be installed in outdoor instrument, such as outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, etc. , must be equipped with instrument cases, in order to protect the instrument, prolong the service life of the instrument. ( 3) In order to ensure the smooth progress of the cable laying should be completed in collect ark, on the basis of qualified for all on-site inventory of laying of cable, check the model, specification and actual length, draw the cable work table, and measuring its insulation resistance value, to do all kinds of tag number, in case of mixed fault. Special attention should be paid to the indoor and outdoor in the cable and not the Ann cable, should separate not readjusting to prevent signal interference. 2. 4 key instrument system construction process quality control to ensure quality, set up quality control points of process and to facilitate measures, try to preview, should complete the following work: ( 1) Instrument system pressure pipeline pressure test. After the transmitter installation in place, deal with a valve ( A valve and piping pressure testing) After the instrument of pressure piping with 2. 5 ~ 5 times working pressure water pressure test qualified. This can avoid start-up leakage accident caused by welding or installation quality is bad. ( 2) Instrument wiring inspections. In addition to the terminal connection correct, should also be measuring line resistance, check whether there is any mark on the end of each wire. Shielding grounding wire should be tried in the computer room connects to; Such as the terminal box in the middle of the flameproof joint should be complete in good condition. ( 3) Before sending check and confirm the conditions of computer system. The process is a key link in the construction process, for production use has a direct effect in the future. Shall be convened by the supervision engineer design units, construction units, instrument workshop and other relevant personnel to check. Check content includes: the central air conditioning, UPS uninterruptible power supply, computer grounding system check; Power supply cabinet to a computer system, safety barrier, main racks, and other auxiliary equipment operation station of the inspection. ( 4) The performance of computer hardware testing and software configuration. Should be in accordance with the provisions of the basic functional test content for inspection, done by a representative of the design and the software configuration unit configuration tasks.
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