Gas turbine flowmeter of foreign and domestic standards have what

by:KAIDI     2021-02-22
Gas turbine flowmeter as one of the importance of measuring gas flow meter, recently more and more get the attention of the user to industrial production, gas turbine flowmeter in manufacturing what follows a standard, international standards and domestic standards and there is a what kind of differences. Embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. As a professional manufacturer of turbine flowmeter, below provide an overview about it: the world of gas turbine flowmeter is mainly has the following criteria: 1. ISO9951:1993《Measurementofgasflowinclosedconduits - Turbinemeter 'and its revision in 1994. 2. International legal metrological organization ( OIML) OIMLR137 - 1:6 the gas meter. 3. American gas association AGANo7 Measurementoffuelgasbyturbinemeters ( The 1981 version) 。 4. The European Union standards PrEN ( The draft standard) 12261 'Turbinegasmeters and 2005 revision. 5. Japanese industrial standard JISZ8765 - 1980《汽轮机 菱角&好歌; Flow meter & quot; 你后面流量测定方法》等。 Domestic standards and specifications are mainly about gas turbine flowmeter national standard GB/T18940 - 2003 'guide to the measurement of gas flow in a closed pipeline turbine flowmeter and JJG198 - 'Speed meter' verification regulation of 1994. 2, compare at present, for domestic gas turbine meter manufacturers, as long as to obtain a licence for manufacturing measuring instruments production and type approval certificate for the measuring instruments can manufacture, and sales in the domestic market of gas turbine flow meter. Unfortunately, the region and is for the use in the explosion-proof 1 0 the equipment, incredibly no explosion-proof force; Also, several palmer even pat in the face of the pipe under the condition of pressure, also does not have the force bearing pressure requirements for specification. In the development and utilization of natural gas, by contrast, walk in the forefront of the European Union, since October 30, 2006, the gas turbine flowmeter of the eu mandate, products must pass the CE certification to sell in the market. In accordance with the requirements for CE forensics, gas turbine flowmeter must conform to the MID ( Measuring instrument instruction) 、PED( Pressure equipment directive) 、ATEX( Explosion-proof instruction) Three instructions to get CE certificate. We to the current international and domestic gas turbine flowmeter standard has carried on the detailed comparison. 1. EN12261 as the common use of all the member countries in the European Union standard of gas turbine flowmeter, since October 30, 2006, become mandatory instruction with OIMLR137 mids to guide the inspection standard. From the point of comparing the existing standards, EN12261 gas turbine flowmeter is comprehensive, targeted standard specification, it not only from measurement, design and material requirements, output performance, tag, documents and other aspects of gas turbine flowmeter has carried on the concrete, full specifications, and for each request more detailed testing method is proposed. 2. OIMLR137 is the international legal metrological organization launched on August 14 in 2006 OIMLR6:1989 general specification of the gas volume flow meter, OIMLR31:1995 membrane type gas volume flow meter, OIMLR32:1989 'rotary piston type gas flowmeter and the turbine gas meter, etc. Three alternative file. This recommendation by the NMI ( The Dutch national metrology institute) Responsible for drafting, take effect on August 14, 2006. MID now it is also the European Union directive guidance testing standard, it not only has a requirement for turbine flowmeter, and other types of flow meter and its secondary electron instrument's overall performance and installation to use requirements. Single from the aspects of gas turbine flowmeter, and EN12261 close to its requirements, on the basic properties of the product, testing methods and product label, instruction manuals, etc are made more comprehensive requirements. 3. AGANo7 is not standard, is an American gas association report on gas turbine flowmeter technology, is about the operation of the axial turbine flowmeter measurement specification. It summarizes the after 1960 s gas turbine flowmeter in gas used in the theory and practice. AGANo7 content including application scope, structure, installation, operation, instrument, calibration, and volume flow to mass flow measurement, on-site inspection, calculation table, etc. From the point of I have access to the data currently, AGANo7 should and GB/T18940 - in the United States 2003 has the same status in China, also received the recognition from the domestic many turbine meter manufacturers. 4. ISO9951:1993 international standard is a part of the gas turbine flowmeter, it marks the gas turbine flowmeter has become the international recognition of the general flow meter. This standard specifies the instrument structure, pressure test, flow meter, the reading device calibration, pressure loss, pipes, etc. , it makes the product technical parameters coordinated from country to country.
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