Electromagnetic flowmeter surrounding environment caused by pipeline failure of stray current

by:KAIDI     2021-01-10
Electromagnetic flowmeter properly grounded, for the most part can avoid pipeline stray current. Sometimes in accordance with the provisions, with thick wire jumper flow sensor and perfect grounding, but also influenced by stray current, still need to take other measures. Electromagnetic flow detection of alkaline pulp, install grounding rings on both ends of the flow sensor, and wire jumper and proper grounding, instrument or does not work, however, until the outward passage 2 m to buy two ground, to isolate the effect of stray current. Instrument into normal operation after a period of time, and the output signal sloshing phenomenon, ruled out the possibility of flow fluctuation, the instrument itself, the preliminary judgment for instrument operation. Observation for a few days that, running in the evening, and output sloshing appears during the day. On the basis of clues to track back and find fault source is far from electromagnetic flow sensor distance is caused by the same piping system for welding. Electromagnetic flow sensor and connection pipe insulation, can eliminate the stray current, the environment around, and immediately upstream and downstream of the flow sensor is two long 0. 5 m short unlined steel tube, with a good grounding and connection to the steel tube with concrete lining. Grounded electrical connections are required, at the same time, ruled out the possibility of pipeline flow pulsation. Converter and sensor located about 10 m. One of hundreds of kva three-phase transformer in a nearby, respectively is about 2 m from converter and sensors and 8 m. Analysis the cause of the problem has the following two possible: 1, high power transformer magnetic interference; 2, the pipeline stray current interference. To prove whether the transformer magnetic interference effects, due to close the transformer is broad, arrange for the second step is to check, first check whether the pipeline stray current interference. Without excitation current oscillograph was used to measure electric potential between the poles, its value should be zero. However, the actual measured peak Vpp up to 1 v ac voltage waveform distortion. Preliminary judgment even good grounding, the instrument will also be affected by pipeline stray current interference. Taking the electromagnetic flow sensor with two short steel tube and pipe network pipeline electrical insulation, with potential flow sensor and the liquid. Instrument operation, the output display is normal, steadily also excludes power transformer magnetic interference effects on the flow measurement. 60 ma AC interference current can be measured at the same time, the direction of current from the upstream flow sensor. This measure is also applicable to have cathodic protection current pipeline, pipeline as try to eliminate the interference method.
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