Electromagnetic flowmeter installation time need to pay attention to 19 points

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-13
Electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of common flow measurement instruments, the product has stable performance, flexible use, high reliability, etc. Mainly by the magnetic circuit system, measure the catheter, electrode, shell, lining and converter and other parts. Electromagnetic flowmeter, as a sophisticated digital instrument, there are strict requirements for its work environment, the user to follow in the process of installation and use of the instrument itself for the rule of working environment and requirements, to make the instrument play a satisfactory effect, this article is through summarizing for installing electromagnetic flow timing considerations for 19 o 'clock, guiding users to be able to effectively avoid some of the wrong way, hope you can help. 1, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is a certain scope, please confirm the purchased before installation of the flowmeter are accurate for your work situation, Flow, pressure, temperature) 。 After 2, open the meter boxes, please install as soon as possible, lest affect the performance of the converter and the metal parts from corrosion, etc. , has been used in storing of traffic time, flow meter must be completely clean. 3, avoid install the meter temperature change a lot of places and thermal radiation by the equipment, if must be installed, heat insulation and ventilation measures shall be required. 4, avoid install the electromagnetic flowmeter containing corrosive gas environment, if must be installed, ventilation measures shall be required. 5, the installation of the flowmeter, should avoid to spray by mechanical vibration and shock, if flow meter installed in vibration of the larger, should be installed by the flow meter will be fixed. 6, installation flow meter straight pipe before and after the pipe to meet the requirements of the manual, otherwise it will affect the measuring accuracy of flowmeter. 7, the direction of flow should be the same direction of the arrow on the flow meter table body. 8, installation flow time, in the process of welding flange or the pipe, the flow meter must no longer line, in order to avoid the bad flow meter's email. 9, avoid electromagnetic flowmeter is installed on the overhead of the long thin pipe, so easy to leak, if must be installed, should be installed by the flow meter will be fixed. 10, flow meter can be installed in horizontal and vertical pipes, when installed in a vertical pipe, fluid flows from down to up. 11, for the convenience of maintenance and should be installed on the by-pass pipe, especially some of the production process can't stop the occasion of fluid in the middle. 12, electromagnetic flow meter must be installed in outdoor, must have moistureproof and sun protection. 13 in the surrounding, install flowmeter must have ample space, lighting and power outlet, in order to install the wiring and regular maintenance. 14, separation flow meter connection must use special shielded wire, can firmly, attachment not Eng jade power line parallel to the line together, at least in more than 15 cm, good travel alone in the metal tube. Attachment to place, can not shake. 15, the installation position of electromagnetic flowmeter to the principle of electrical noise and electromagnetic fields, such as large power transformer, electric motor and power supply, etc. 16, electromagnetic flow meter installed near the point of transceiver can not exist, or senior voice will interfere with the flow meter in normal use. 17, installation fission type electromagnetic flow time, attention should be paid to the distance of the sensor and converter cannot be more than 100 m using a special shielded cable) , otherwise it will cause interference. 18, electromagnetic flowmeter installation of pipeline pressure must not exceed the rated working pressure. 19, when the compression of electromagnetic flowmeter parts, cannot tighten or unscrew the probe fastening screws and flange bolt installation. ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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