Electromagnetic flowmeter installation and debugging of the common problems and typical fault diagnosis and processing

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-03
Electromagnetic flowmeter is a for common flow measurement instrument in industrial production, in order to ensure the instrument in production to normal and stable work, the instrument will have a series of problems in the installation and debugging process we need to pay attention to, in the debugging and often is some typical faults in operation process, so for a stable working flow meter, installation and debugging of every link is very important, embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. As a * * electromagnetic flowmeter production manufacturers and service providers, * * in the process of long-term service for the customer accumulated lots of experience, about these with a set of solutions, the following for these need our attention points are introduced one by one to you: * we first for the characteristics of the electromagnetic flowmeter is the overview: ( 1) Flow meter measuring tube is a shine to a smooth and straight, no activity and choke components, not easy to block, no pressure loss. For large diameter pipeline and energy saving effect is remarkable, measurable containing solid particles or fibers liquid-solid two-phase fluid. ( 2) A linear relationship between output and flux, wide measuring range, measure the diameter of ( 2. 5¯ 3000). mm。 ( 3) Low installation requirements, straight pipe length is 5 d, downstream straight pipe length is 2 d ( D for flow meter two plate spacing) 。 ( 4) Measurement accuracy can be as high as & plusmn; 0. 5%. 2. The application conditions of electromagnetic flowmeter ( 1) Generally does not exceed 120 ℃ temperature measured medium, pressure is not more than 1. 6 mpa, the velocity is not less than 0. 3m/s。 ( 2) Must be measured medium is liquid conductivity, low conductivity & gt; 5μ S/cm, the medium to be measured not contain more ferromagnetic material and air bubbles, cannot be used for gas, steam, oil products, such as the liquid conductivity measurement. A common question 1 of electromagnetic flowmeter installation and debugging. Good vertical installation, make the medium flows through the instrument from bottom to top. If cannot be installed vertically, also can be mounted horizontally, but to ensure that the two electrodes in the same horizontal plane. When the solid particles in the measured medium, should be installed vertically make lining from the wear ( Horizontal installation will cause partial wear) 。 2. Flowmeter installation location should avoid strong vibration, should avoid strong interference sources, to stay away from all the magnetic source ( Such as high-power motors, transformers, etc. ) 。 3. Flow meter grounded when installation is very important. Because of the instrument signal is weak, the outside world a slight interference will affect measurement accuracy. As a result, the transmitter housing, shielded wire, measuring tube and pipe should be grounded on both ends of the transducer, and set up a separate location. 4. When mounted horizontally, flowmeter upstream side of straight pipe should be greater than 5 d, when there is a valve, expanding tube should be extended to the 10 d, upstream of the valve should be opened entirely. Downstream straight pipe section of straight pipe should be greater than 3 d, adjustment shall be installed on the downstream side of the meter. To prevent fluid disturbance, expand the cone Angle of the tube should be less than 15 & deg; 。 5. Meter installation, straight pipe before and after Duan Ruyou shrinkage tube will affect measurement accuracy of instrument. 6. Flow meter installed, cannot be used in the case of negative pressure. For transmitter lining easy peeling off, so the flowmeter can only be used in positive pressure process pipeline installation. 7. Flow meter installed to use for the first time, set the diameter is very important, be sure to set the tube diameter is accurate. Typical fault diagnosis and handling 1 electromagnetic flowmeter. No flow output. Check the power supply part if there is a fault, the test power supply voltage is normal; Test the fuse on and off; Check the sensor is consistent with the direction of flow arrow, such as inconsistent switch sensor installation direction; Check whether the sensor is filled with fluid, such as not full of fluid, replace pipe or 2 vertical installation. Smaller and smaller, or a sudden drop. Test the insulation between the two electrodes whether to destroy or be short circuit, electrical resistance between the two electrodes in the normal ( 70 ~ 100) Ω Between; Sounding pipe wall may be deposited dirt, clean and wipe the electrode, do not scratch lining. Does the sounding pipe lining damage, such as damage should be replaced. 3. Zero is not stable, check whether the media is full of measuring tube and whether there is a bubble in the medium, such as there are air bubbles in the upstream add venting device, such as horizontal installation can be changed to vertical installation; Check whether the instrument grounding is in good condition, such as bad, should be level 3 ground ( Grounding resistance & le; 100Ω ) ; Check the conductivity of medium should not be less than 5 & mu; s / cm; Check whether medium deposition in the measuring tube, clear note don't will be lined with scratches. 4. Flow indicator values do not tally with the actual values. Check the sensor in the fluid pipe, do you have any air bubbles, if there are air bubbles in the upstream venting device; Check if the grounding of good; Check for valve upstream flow meter, if so, to the downstream or make it fully open; Check whether converter range set correctly, such as wrong, reset the correct range. 5. Values in a certain range. Check if environmental conditions change, such as a new interference sources and other magnetic source affecting the normal work of the instrument or vibration, etc. , should keep clear interference or shift flowmeter; Check test signal cable with insulating tape, to end processing, make the wire, shielding layer inside, do not touch each other between shielding layer, outside shell. Electromagnetic flowmeter common faults, have a plenty of due to improper use, improper installation, environmental conditions, fluid characteristics, factors such as fault, have a plenty of due to damage caused as a result of the instrument itself components, such as display volatility, decreased precision instrument even damage, etc. It generally can be divided into two types: the installation and debugging of failures, in normal operation and fault.
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