Electromagnetic flowmeter in the application of potash fertilizer production and installation of equipment

by:KAIDI     2021-01-10
Electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of can be widely used in all kinds of pipeline fluid measurement instrument, in the many fields of industrial production in domestic has been a large number of applications. West source instrument technology co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of various types are types of electromagnetic flow, service in all kinds of enterprises, through long-term practical experience shows that electromagnetic flowmeter products to maintain the stability of instrument operation, should be to create a better condition on site, and in strict accordance with the technical requirements for the correct installation and debugging, as long as can satisfy the requirements of the instrument operation, electromagnetic flowmeter can guarantee the normal work, realize the continuous and accurate measurement, for the stability of the enterprise production, reduce equipment maintenance costs considerable benefits. Qinghai salt lake salt industry co. , LTD. , branch of potassium fertilizer is west source instrument technology service over a long period of time a fertilizer production enterprise, enterprise production up to now, our company provides all kinds of electromagnetic flowmeter products have been in a good input and output, the project from design to production, we have provided a good technical support and follow-up tracking service. The national many fertilizer production enterprises, the use of the electromagnetic flowmeter is also quite common, for enterprise which meets in the production of a series of problems, I write this article to explain. The electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter selection 1, guarantee for accuracy of measurement of necessary conditions. Mainly includes the current body medium must be electric; By flow medium must be full of pipeline; Electromagnetic flowmeter measurement system must be good grounding; Electromagnetic flowmeter should satisfy the requirements of the length of straight pipe before and after; Near the electromagnetic flowmeter, should avoid strong electromagnetic interference. 2, the general selection principle. Mainly for the determination of diameter electromagnetic flowmeter, such as flow rate, flow velocity and diameter: 2, electromagnetic flowmeter installation location selection and correct installation 1, the installation of the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor is divided into the installation of the installation of sensors and switches, especially the installation of sensors, need water, pipe cutting, pumping and welding or cracked, makes installation work more difficult. Place and the location of the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor installation, according to the actual needs can be horizontal, vertical and inclined to install. Must pay attention to the electromagnetic flowmeter measuring tube must be filled with fluid medium; Two, the electrode axis of electromagnetic flowmeter should approximate level; Three is less electromagnetic flowmeter entrance straight pipe upstream of * * * for 5 d, long exports of downstream straight pipe for a 2 d long; Four is the current body flow direction should agree with the flow of flowmeter signs pointed direction, other considerations are necessary, such as near the pipe flange to ensure there is enough space operations and maintenance, install divergent tube flowmeter at both ends, or reducing pipe. 2, the sensor shell good grounding alone, is the necessary condition to ensure normal and stable measuring flow. Three, the pump flow can't distinguish whether the electromagnetic flowmeter accurately in the process of using electromagnetic flowmeter, often have to pump the flow to assess the phenomenon of electromagnetic flow meter is accurate. But, the pump flow can't distinguish the electromagnetic flow meter is accurate. More than 3, pump parallel operation, into the main flow is not necessarily equal to the sum of each pump flow. Four, electromagnetic flowmeter in the production of potash fertilizer usage after 10 years of operation and observation, think of electromagnetic flowmeter in potash production operation is better than using other instrument working condition, advantage is 1, the electromagnetic flow meter with high precision, good linear, running stability, improved the measurement accuracy and the reliability of data, overcomes some instrument operation is not so stable, which has created the problem of measurement data is not credible. After a lot of field, error in the range of control, enhances the trust degree of instrumentation, finished according to the calculation of the water pump performance curve is not scientific measurement method, cogent accomplish the instrument to collect data shall prevail, to avoid the artificial factor. 2, electromagnetic flow meter has simple structure, the sensor has no moving parts, there is no winding due to mechanical wear or impurities and the error of measurement or instrument malfunction, so the failure rate is low, the maintenance quantity is greatly reduced, thus saving a lot of manpower material resources. Qinghai salt lake salt industry co. , LTD. Since production of potash fertilizer, potash fertilizer branch has used west source instrument technology company production of electromagnetic flowmeter is about 50 units, so far, only a few meters converter due to the installation location is damper, converter circuit board fault occurs, the rest are working properly. 3, electromagnetic flowmeter has many interface circuit, can be very convenient and the data acquisition terminal or computer connection, to realize the automatic data acquisition, analysis, management. Five, the management of electromagnetic flowmeter, qinghai salt lake salt industry co. , LTD. Potash branch installation using electromagnetic flowmeter sets more, multi-site installation, the company belongs to the workshop the amount of water, undressed ore and brine volume is virtually all the flow rate calculated on the basis of the flowmeter.
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