Electromagnetic flowmeter in paper making, water treatment, pharmaceutical use three environment

by:KAIDI     2021-01-10
Rock the processing plant, paper making industry application of electromagnetic flowmeter is about 2500, accounting for 95% of the number of flow meter. The recent tends to use without power level ( Capacitors have turned out) Electromagnetic flowmeter has increased, as to improve the electrical level position within the liquid leakage countermeasures of common failures. On the road at the pipe of knot calcium scale layer, and using mirror glass optical depth processing PFA lined with electromagnetic flowmeter. Application exists some problems: ( 1) Accurate measurement with cassava starch, clay and other liquid, dashboard metrological verification value less than a specific value. ( 2) Accurate measurement of black liquor, green liquid such as steamed solution liquid in a short period of time will be on the porcelain lining fouling layer. ( 3) Pulp bleaching process on the PFA lining adhesive defoaming agent and is thought to be oil chemicals, and cover the electric level and can't accurate measurement. Although after many months in command of the parking, car with petrol can still be applied again after cleaning, have better method? ( 4) Dipping paper machine of the kind of mouth flowmeter because there are different kinds of paper, the liquid REDOX potential change and don't consider accurate measurement precision, many look forward to the future has a way to improve. Second, sewage water treatment works in 1989 began to power supply, specification to solve water 6 & times; 146 m3 / d ( Equal in qingxi, Qingdao water flow) ; All common flowmeters for electromagnetic flowmeter, a total of 30. In which factory manufactures water four metrological verification, specifications from 700 ~ 1600 mm; Sewage treatment control with 12 sets, specifications from 350 ~ 1500 mm, coagulant, disinfectants such as introducing drug content, water quality management with 15 units, norms is lesser. ( 1) Smaller than the pipe installation specification electromagnetic flowmeter, in order to reduce some of the pipe diameter water making the whole process of project investment is large, with a diameter of DN1800, electromagnetic flowmeter ( DN800) , add reducing (around Enlarge) Reducer, in order to reduce the capital construction cost. This kind of design method in municipal administration in China less to choose. ( 2) Plus potion electromagnetic flowmeter output high and low and accurate measurement appeared abnormal situations of the potion, analyze the reason of potions conductivity and the water, mixed unsymmetry trigger. Corrective measures: change into some parts ( Change in the middle and lower reaches of the dashboard) Or improve mixing level of symmetry: the analog input converter into a new type of large amount of digital converter. Three, the pharmaceutical industry despite two processing plants use little electromagnetic flowmeter, but found that rare variety of common failures. Tianjin factory taken from 1988/1600 open 5 electromagnetic flowmeter, seto processing plant resistance is open 7 1970 years ago. Later enumerate 5 output data signal diagnosis example of high and low. Instance 1 ~ 3 cassava starch and so on into the adult eye view can't find out the insulating layer film has three appear abnormal signal is output data, removing heat from the scale, the concept of inspection check lining and the electrode surface, determine the electric level around without solids adhesion surface; But tap water to clean up after install the application again, the dashboard to all work properly. Analyze the feel will be on the electrode surface has been covered some eye view can't find out the dielectric strength of membrane layer. 3 times the precise measurement of the case material and common fault condition such as the table here, instance 4 electromagnetic induction heat meter sideways, liquidity bubble discharge not smooth money into production, the system software is a manipulation of the total flow dynamics change is too big, as the average value of 3 times, cause doesn't work smoothly. Inspection found that the dashboard on the level piping inclined put liquidity, the inlet heat meter is higher than inward and outward side: 20 mm, to line up liquidity, making imported less than 20 mm inward and outward side, common fault is cleared. Analyzes reason is inclined to put liquidity pipeline, bubble emission is not smooth, bubble pile up and slowly through the electrical level, short-term continuous open traffic data signal control circuit and produce common faults. Instance two liquid five rounds of the accurate measurement, accurate measurement effect owing to the different order to save the project investment with each dashboard, in turn, accurate measurement in tubular reactor of A and B are two kinds of liquid, A solution of 46% NaOH, B liquid sodium hypochlorite. If the pouring A liquid after filling and liquid B first, two precise measurements are all normal; Precisely measure A liquid first, and then accurately measure B fluid, accurate measuring liquid B at the beginning, show the output data signal shake the status of the data error increase. Analyzing think A higher fluid viscosity, adhesion on electric level and lining, and adhesion in precise measurement B liquid 47% NaOH from electricity and lining erosion, out, out, thus beginning the liquid B is stained with the conductive rate is little different from A liquid, and produce output data signal shake.
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