Electromagnetic flowmeter for installation of the time to consider what problem

by:Kaidi Sensors     2021-01-07
Electromagnetic flowmeter in the installation of the time to consider what problem? Buy back after all is the need to install and use this product, is generally installed in the pipeline with above. And we know that the installation of the pipe, probably because of the requirement of the production process or is limited to the geographical position, most of the time of the pipe may be more complex. This time can't optional for measuring instrument for installation, otherwise it may lead to measure out the actual effect, or is the effect of measurement and the actual effect will be different. So today is to introduce everybody simple installation, location selection problem. Electromagnetic flow meter manufacturer for installation, the first thing to look at the pipeline as a whole, such as some of the pipe is vertical downward, when install this pipe, do not install in straight down the bottom, because the installation may lead to inaccurate measurement in a place like this. Also some pipe is installed horizontally, so pay attention to, if there are many parallel pipe, then do not install the the measurement instruments in one of the top of the parallel pipeline, because of the installed in the place which may not have full of ring, it might lead to inaccurate vehicle. As much as possible, if it is installed in a vertical pipe installation in the middle of the vertical position, if is horizontal pipeline, had better be installed in horizontal pipe at the bottom of the root. Some pipe may be above the slope, so at the time of measurement, as far as possible the choice of the slope, slope is small, relatively stable. Some of the pipes may be winding for installation. To install the measuring instruments in this line, to find that some parts of the process of winding is relatively flat, especially the geographical position is relatively lower. These places after installed, it is easier to medium, so the final measurement data from the real media inside the pipeline more accessible to the data. Electromagnetic flowmeter installation should pay attention to a few common problems is simply to introduce you to this round. Some customers of pipeline is more complex, can oneself also don't know exactly where the measuring instrument installation is better. In this case you can ask the product distributor or to the factory for help. Product manufacturers can according to user's pipeline to the actual situation, for the user to determine the appropriate installation position. Jinhu county cady, huaian, automation instrument equipment factory is the first instrument factory, main production and sales of electromagnetic flowmeter, such as magnetic flap level gauge meter instruments, pressure gauge, liquid level meter, temperature instrument, such as telephone 0517 - 86899897. http://www。 jswkybc。 com/
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