Electromagnetic flowmeter flow chart of unstable zero check and response

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-02
Section 5 unstable zero check and take measures, the cause of the problem in zero instability on the human body can be summarized as five aspects of the cause of the problem, they are: ( 1) Pipe is not filled with liquid or liquid containing bubbles; ( 2) Evaluate piping as liquid without flow and actually exist small flow; Actually insufficient electromagnetic flowmeter, and truthfully reflect the flow of misunderstanding; ( 3) Imperfect sensor according to the ground by the stray current interference: ( 4) Liquid ( Such as liquid conductivity uniformity, electrode pollution, etc. ) The reason; ( 5) Signal circuit insulation. Second, check procedure is shown in figure 5 foot check zero electromagnetic flowmeter unstable process. Press process fully consider first makes a preliminary research and judgment, and then detailed item by item check and test troubleshooting. The process to inspect items listed in the order of successively principle is: ( 1) By observing or ask understand without large operations in the former, namely after the first difficult; ( 2) According to the on-site maintenance experience in the past, the higher the frequency is higher and the future possible probability in the former; ( 3) Check itself needed successively. If several failure after preliminary investigation team indeed sufficient reason, also a detailed inspection in advance. Three, fault inspection and take measures respectively in this section discuss the five aspects of the cause of the problem of checking methods and measures. 1, pipe is not full of bubbles in the liquid to liquid or check the flow chart of item 1. This kind of fault is mainly pipeline engineering design of the main adverse or related equipment is not perfect, can refer to page 9 in the first 4 & quot; 2, pipes, not filled with liquid or liquid containing bubbles & quot; 。 2, the flow chart of pipeline have trace flow check item 2. Subjectively think there is no flow in the flow sensor and actually there is a trace flow. This kind of fault is mainly the original line of valve closure difference, the electromagnetic flowmeter is detected by the tiny leakage, misunderstanding of zero change or zero is not stable. Valve using day long muscle or liquid pollution the valve closed cases of foot will often encounter, especially large valves. Another common reason sufficient flow meter except on pipeline there are a number of branch pipe, forget or ignore the manifold valves closed. Sometimes, confirm there is no flow piping at the scene also more difficult. At this point as shown in figure 4, the flow sensor Settings between the cut-off valve before and after 1, 2 and 4 small leak monitoring valve 3, observe whether with leakage. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. ) Figure 6 double valve closed and leakage monitoring minus 1 globe valve; 2 flow sensor 3, 5 leak monitoring valve 3, imperfect ground affected by external interference and grounding potential changes affect the flow chart of check item 3. Pipeline stray current interference effects such as mainly by electromagnetic flowmeter good grounding protection, usually requires grounding resistance less than 1000, don't and he Shared grounding electric machines and appliances. Sometimes better environmental conditions, electromagnetic flowmeter earthing can not work normally, but once the good environment does not exist, the instrument will fail, then checked again will bring much trouble. Flow sensor near the state changes of electric power equipment ( Such as leakage current increase) Formed by the ground potential changes, electricity will cause electromagnetic flowmeter zero change. Please read section 9 inspection method. 4, investigation, fluid properties and flow chart of item 4. In static liquid conductivity changes or uneven make zero changes, shook the output flow. So flowmeter position should be far away from the injection solution point or pipe section downstream of the chemical reaction, the upstream flow sensor in these places. If the liquid to solid phase, or to measure impurities deposition tube inner surface, or on the inner wall of the measuring tube fouling, or electrode by grease filth and so on, all have zero changes may occur. Because the lining surface scale and degree of filth and electrode can't completely 'appearance and symmetry, destroy the balance of plant initial die set. Positive measures sufficient remove filth and scale deposit layer; If zero were little changed also can try to zero. 5, the flow chart of survey signal line insulation inspection item 5. Unstable signal circuit insulation fall will form the zero. Soil to reason for the declining signal circuit insulation of foot, package parts drop caused by the insulation, but also can't rule out signal cable and terminal decline or insulation damage. Because sometimes the environment is very harsh, slightly one careless negligence meter cover, wire joint sealing, filled with moisture acid mist or powder dust intrusion meter connector or cable protection layer, insulating bligh. Signal circuit insulation resistance check respectively according to the cable side and the flow sensor side two mail points, with a megger test. Because of signal cable can do easily. Flow sensor is divided into two: strider liquid-filled test electrode surface and a tube after measuring contact resistance, U insulation resistance. 6, check the electrode and electrode contact resistance insulation resistance check confluence tussah figure 6, in 2 steps. ( 1) Filled with liquid measuring scoop of electrode surface contact resistance flow sensor signal cable wiring, each electrode is measured with a multimeter, respectively, and the ground, resistance between two electrodes of geoelectric elder sister value should be left in the 10% to 20%. Section 9 & quot; A, electrode contact resistance measurement & quot; There will be further instructions. ( 2) Atc measuring electrode insulation vent pipe, wipe with dry cloth in the inner surface, after being completely dry, use H500VDC megohmmeter measure the resistance between the electrode and ground, resistance must be in the 100 m & Omega; The above. Figure 5 unstable electromagnetic flowmeter zero check process on an article: electromagnetic flowmeter output signal flow chart of shaking when check and response the next: electromagnetic flowmeter measurement value is inconsistent with the actual values of check the flow chart and response
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