Electromagnetic flowmeter failure phenomenon classified summary list

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-12
This is writing to fault type of analysis and fault inspection, fault source made some description of electromagnetic flowmeter, this section is for fault source for further discussion, and will be in a future article enumerated 13 specific case, through the analysis of case let everybody for the failure of electromagnetic flowmeter has a more profound understanding of, the more these cases can help form the specification of the operation, let us in the actual work can more quickly and effectively solve the problem in the installation and use of electromagnetic flowmeter. In practice, we found a fault source tend to show a variety of fault phenomena, or appear the same fault phenomenon is the cause of its cause is not the same, which requires technical personnel analytical, watch carefully and find out its inner connection of true. Summary shown in the following table. So now physically source is disabled as category name 1, no signal output, output, 2 3, unstable zero 4, shaking the flow measurement values do not tally with the actual values of 5, output full a class 1, pipeline system and related equipment, installation of poor & radic; √ √ 2, under the pipe (1) a small amount of gas, scattered with flow & radic; √ (2) gas increases, the stratified flow and wave flow & radic; √ (3) a bubble flow or plug flow & radic; (4) level under electrode & radic; 3, piping reside gas & radic; √ 4, piping inhaled air bubbles & radic; √ 5, the control valve of reciprocating pump or oscillation due to fluctuating & radic; √ 6, in use process flow state changes & radic; Second, the fluid class 1, the gas in the liquid & radic; √ 2, liquid containing solid slurry noise & radic; (2) electrode electromagnetic flowmeter contaminated & radic; (3) insulation sediments or sedimentary cover or lining electrode & radic; (4) the lining by wear or by deposition change circulation area & radic; 3, conductivity uneven or near threshold & radic; √ 4, contact with the liquid material mismatch & radic; √ 5, flow noise & radic; 3, 1, strong magnetic field environment & radic; 2, strong electromagnetic wave & radic; 3, pipeline stray current & radic; 4, earth potential change & radic; √ 5, the moisture in & radic; √ √ In this paper by embellish instrument compiled release technology co. , LTD.
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