Economic intelligence function of intelligent pressure transmitter is introduced

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-15
Economy intelligent function of the intelligent pressure transmitter is introduced intelligent pressure transmitter introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment production of the new intelligent pressure transmitter, ( Gage pressure) Measure the zero pressure. 6 kpa。 ( Can migrate to negative pressure transmitter) , the key raw materials, components and parts are imported, the whole machine through strict assembly and testing, the intelligent pressure transmitter has advanced design principle, variety complete specifications, installation convenient use, etc. Due to the economic model of the intelligent pressure transmitter appearance total integration of the current domestic for popular, and widely used two kinds of transducer structure advantages, for the users to have the feeling that find everything new and fresh, at the same time with the traditional 1151, CECC, etc. Series of products can be directly replace on installation, strong commonality and replace ability, so the economic type intelligent pressure transmitter is some old products replace and update products. For the constant improvement of the domestic automation level and the development, economic intelligent pressure transmitter in addition to the compact design, at the same time with HART field bus protocol of intelligent function. Economic intelligent pressure transmitter is a common type of pressure transmitter, as one of the main types of sensors, the intelligent pressure transmitter play their roles in many fields, so you know what are the typical features of the intelligent pressure transmitter? Economic intelligent pressure transmitter is made of high performance sensor chip, with advanced processing circuit and temperature compensation technology, convert pressure change into the linear current or voltage signal. Products with HART communication, communication and self-diagnosis function, users use handheld terminal or fieldbus system long-distance transmission, read, display and input transducer all information and additional information. It can be used to gauge pressure, negative pressure and absolute pressure. Economic smart pressure transmitter with reverse polarity and current limiting protection; A wide range of laser trimming resistor temperature compensation, corrosion resistance, suitable for a variety of media; Overload and strong anti-interference ability, stable performance; Unique display header design, matching simulation, digital display meter; Zero and full range can be adjusted by hand operator, wide range migration. Zero and span adjustment of economic intelligent pressure transmitter can itself via the transmitter button on-site adjustment; Can also through the handheld remote control terminal. Economic performance of the intelligent pressure transmitter: 1, the intelligent pressure transmitter is small in size, light weight, installation, debugging, convenient to use 2, widely measured medium, measurable oil, water and compatible with 316 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel paste of the intelligent pressure transmitter has certain corrosion resistance. 3, stainless steel closed shell, good waterproof. 4, high stability, high accuracy, and choose import original sensor, good linear, high temperature stability. 5, sensor directly measured liquid level pressure sensor, is not affected by medium blister, deposition. 6, 5 years stability & plusmn; 0. 15%, can greatly reduce the cost of the calibration and maintenance of the 7, the overall performance in the field of industrial & plusmn; 0. 15%, loop performance optimization, economic intelligent pressure transmitter has faster dynamic response, can reduce the variability of the process.
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