Commonly used automation instrument debugging points

by:KAIDI     2021-01-22
Automation instrumentation to ensure the safety of the industrial production has an important, as well as to promote efficient, stable production. Katie instrument equipment factory to bring us common instrument debugging points, hope to be able to help you! Temperature instrument debugging points to make sure that the temperature meter to run for a long time, during the specific use of temperature instrument, need to be timely maintenance and reasonable debugging, concrete has the following four points: first, the instrument of temperature sensor and conduction of heat to maintain good measured medium, the specific installation will be placed in to function test on the actual temperature of the object position, for example: between the sensor and the material being tested, debugging personnel can fill high temperature silicon grease, in order to speed up the sensors of temperature, make the adjustment of the temperature instrument quality rise. Second, when the all electrical connection of the temperature instrument, must will its line contact is good, at the same time, the instrument input line and output line and the power cord not exposed, in order to avoid contact with other objects conductive phenomenon. Third, temperature meter LL or HH phenomenon occurring during operation, debugging personnel deal with timely detection sensors, check to see if the wire break, short circuit problem. In the operation of the fourth, in normal temperature instrument, the output light said instrument output, such as found no heating equipment, heating equipment can be checked, check whether the cable. Its heating status is normal. Electromagnetic flowmeter debugging points the scene debugging personnel in debug electromagnetic flow time, must according to the electromagnetic flowmeter in automatic measurement errors may occur, to carry out the corresponding debugging, to enumerate the following two contents: first, in the process of commissioning, the flow meter of flow value of the volatile situation. If appear in the actual debugging instrument flow value frequent fluctuations, should immediately within the flow meter on proper adjust PID parameter, ensure the numerical stability, but if the volatility remains constant before and after the adjustment, debugging personnel can consider whether because of defects caused by the instrument itself, the measures taken is to replace the instrument. Second, when there is no return to the electromagnetic flowmeter signal system, the converter is also is in stable condition, according to this kind of situation, debugging personnel can use the multimeter to debug, comprehensive testing meter to junction box on the port. If it is A port output current indicates A A + on the location of the problem. For example, A + for the output current, the pilot is A - Position, at this time, debugging personnel should be arranged according to the on-site inspection situation specific debugging. Pressure instrument debugging points instrument commissioning procedures has the following several aspects: first, the debugging personnel will pressure gauges installed on the pressure checking instrument, and will be attached to the instrument of the variable resistor in the ohmmeter or multimeter ohm file, and then presents the pressure value of pressure gauge, respectively, to determine the step-up and step-down, to check whether to conform to the requirements of the regulations of the state, the numerical value of error. The test pressure value at the same time, to timely on the ohmmeter or multimeter ohm files timely observe the change of electrical resistance. Second, debugging personnel should be variable resistor moving contact between the winding resistance and electrical conductivity are in good condition, debugging personnel should be on moving contact with the winding resistance of the contact pressure between adjustment, to make it both contact not too loose, also cannot too tight, if discover the phenomenon of tight, debugging personnel dynamic contact plate can be used for cotton dips in alcohol to wipe. Pneumatic valve debugging points the adjustment of the pneumatic valve has a more strict requirements. Once appeared a little fault in the operation, can make the pneumatic valve does not work, therefore, must be immediately processed in the debug, so as not to affect the normal operation of the automation instrument. Debugging method of pneumatic valve has the following two points: first, on the adjustment of the pneumatic valve in terms of air pressure, pressure is to be kept within the scope of the corresponding, automatic operation in order to optimize the environment. Second, after the umc, the operation of the pneumatic valves to achieve full working hours, to the corresponding information back to the open limit. The operation state afterwards the power would like to to to the zero point, if the signal range is not clear, says the valve fault, exist in the check valve in the debugging of piping, practical parameters such as pressure.
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