Common Chinese dream, the common run in the dream

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-11-06
In 2014, is a very important year for instrument science and technology, after years of accumulation and hone, leap in science and technology gradually grew up, from the beginning of several simple devices form the production factory now has a certain production capacity. From several workers had formed the good soldier will gather the production team and technical team. Company's sales also increased year by year, ups and downs along the way, there are long, also have the harvest, more let a person gratified, embellish of instrument science and technology development phase in the met so many partners and customers, the resources is embellish instrument connections for the future development of science and technology based on the fundamental and basic. Is the instrument of science and technology in the 2014 s and the spring up of the social development of electronic commerce journey * first step, sales in the long run is the salesman offline run customers across the country, although able to communicate with customers face to face more directly, but also has high marketing costs and expenses. Electronic commerce in recent years, China has gradually formed the climate, many enterprises are actively around to this aspect, even many companies to enjoy the Internet business model from the dividends of, this is different from the traditional offline negotiation and transaction mode for enterprises get rapid development in many rush in where angels fear to tread. Embellish instrument in the transformation of science and technology in thinking about the future business. Alibaba's jack ma said that the future do not do e-commerce in China will have no business to do! How can follow the pulse of The Times, seize the great business opportunities brought by the Internet economy, do a e-commerce wet, embellish instrument technology looking for a better time to start. On March 25, 2014, after a long, making many of the technical and sales personnel to participate in the company, embellish instrument technology application in opened trustpass member of alibaba, the company's online store is officially launched, store the overall layout, the collocation of color, the picture of the product processing, product prices, product parameters and specifications of the check, the arrangement of the network maintenance personnel are in place. Then, another larger it is, as China's big search baidu surprised, want as something different on the Internet, baidu promotion is not open around, companies to cooperate with powerful local network, quickly to launch its own official host, this is what you are visiting. As a leap in the instrumentation technology * first online platform for the corporate image and product display, it condensed the company of all participants, many colleagues to work overtime, overtime pay a lot of hard sweat, finally the day to a company such as master station is launched. After a few months of operation, the company's website is right gradually, has been a steady rise in site and the product of the baidu ranking, and have received customers inquiries from outside, thank you here in the company's web site launched and operation to pay labor fellow colleagues, you were laborious! We believe that with all the efforts of the chi shing cheng, not instrument science and technology industry embellish online business will be getting better and better. Xi said greatly had a dream in the heart, the Chinese dream can bring all Chinese people into a prosperous, rich and strong, the future of equality, freedom, we gratifying to see that a dream is gradually become a reality can feel and touch. We as a * * in the production of instrument manufacturers, as a part to create the bright future of China, also have a belongs to own little dream for the future development of enterprise, we aspire to be a member of the Chinese instrument manufacturing industry outstanding enterprises, make their own efforts to the revival of the future China! In this paper by embellish instrument science and technology editing.
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