Clamp failure type ultrasonic flowmeter standard analysis and resolution process

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-08
Any instrumentation in use process will appear different fault, its reason has a lot of ways, have a plenty of the reason of design and quality of the product itself, or from improper installation and use, there are also because of the measurement of the external environment change caused by the and so on, and so on. Outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter, as a kind of usage is bigger and bigger flow rate measuring instrument is not exceptional also, in the measurement of industrial production process, often appear some fault, timely judge and processing of fault type ultrasonic flowmeter, is very important for the stability of the enterprise production. Embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. Is engaged in the production and sale of the outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter for many years, for customers to order selection, install and use, has formed the one whole set extremely effective troubleshooting information, our technical staff, based on the experience of long-term maintenance, summarizing some of the decision analysis method and the analysis process, I write this article to share with you, hope to provide reference for everyone to use and maintenance. ( 1) Survey method: to review before failure of flint, smoke, odor, power supply change, lightning, damp, wrong operation, and maintenance. ( 2) Intuitive method: to observe the circuit of external injury, guide of pressure pipe leaking, overheating in the circuit and power supply switch state, etc. ( 3) Test: a. Open circuit detection: separately from the rest parts of the suspected fault and to see if fault disappear outside clip type ultrasonic flowmeter, if lost, then determine the malfunction, or step into the next search, such as: intelligent external clip-on ultrasonic flowmeter can't normal Hart, telecommunication, power supply can be disconnected from the table body, the method of field plus a power transmitter power to communicate, to see if the cable stack 2 KHZ electromagnetic signals interfere with communication. b。 Short circuit test: in the case of security, the related part of the loop short directly, such as: small difference transmitter output value, guide pressure pipe can be disconnected, from a valve directly to the differential pressure signal led directly to the external clip-on ultrasonic flowmeter bilateral, observe the transmitter output, to determine the pipeline wall, leakage of connectivity. In instrument maintenance, the outer guide pressure pipe clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter emissions is not timely, or medium dirty, sticky, positive and negative pressure pipe guide block is often happen, often is guide pressure pipe blockage phenomenon is: the transmitter output down, up, or the same. As traffic increases, the transmitter ( Output signal transmitter itself root) The influence of output. Under normal circumstances, the guide of pressure pipe plugging reason is mainly due to the measuring guide sewage pressure pipe or medium thick, with particulate matter causes, etc. c。 Replace detection: will doubt defective parts replacement, judge fault position. Such as: suspected transmitter circuit board failure, can be temporary replacement, to determine the reason. d。 Segment detection: will measure circuit of divided into several parts, such as: power supply, signal output, signal transmitting, signal detection, according to the points of inspection, by Jane to numerous, situated, narrow range, find out the fault location. Above is we clip-on outside for ultrasonic flowmeter in case of failure of the working process of the standard, in the actual repair work we will encounter a variety of different conditions, as long as the need to we can probe into the familiar with the product specifications, instance, can also according to the specific situation. Only in this way they can better improve our operation level, achieve the goal of stable production. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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