Capacitance pressure transmitter which is good

by:KAIDI     2021-01-11
Capacitance pressure transmitter is more common in industrial production practice of this kind of controller, its use in various industrial production automation control of the natural environment, points the drum pressure transmitter involved in water conservancy and hydropower engineering, high-speed rail, intelligent building, manufacturing automation control, aerospace, military, petrochemical, oil, power engineering, ships, CNC lathe, line, and many other manufacturing industries, import key effect the working pressure differential pressure transmitter data signal to electronic products, thus display information in the electronic computer work pressure is about its basic principle: work will pressure the pressure flow of structure mechanics data signal is converted into electricity, 4 - 30 ma) As electronics data signals of working pressure and voltage or current size into linear correlation, usually is direct ratio relation. Below is simple introduced some common basic principle and the use of pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter is used to precisely measure liquid, gas or vapor liquid level meter, relative density and pressure of work, then work pressure data signal into 4 ~ 30 ma Dc signal output, zhaoqing where capacitance pressure transmitter is good, points the drum pressure transmitter is especially in OEM for goods, if the goods sent to the customer's hands, then used for correction of overhead is equivalent to large customers, in buying transmitter must fully consider the future transmitter office environment, environment humidity how, and how to install the transmitter will have obvious collision or vibration and so on, all the electronic meter is a precision deviation, but because each * * the pre-tender estimate precision grade is different of the capacitance pressure transmitter key features: capacitance pressure transmitter measured medium widely used, can measure gas, oil, water, and with 317 stainless steel plate and 316 stainless steel plate adapter paste, must work of anti-corrosion ability; High precision, high reliability, using imported quality goods controller, good linear, high temperature reliability; Light weight, light weight, easy installation, adjustment, use; Points steam drum pressure transmitter stainless steel plate fully enclosed chassis, moistureproof and good; Liquid level sensor immediately measured vapor fluid level gauge pressure sensor, not affected by medium out of the bubble, the dangers of igneous rock. Where capacitance pressure transmitter is good, the drum pressure transmitter special V/I integrated circuit chips, less * * components, high reliability, easy maintenance, easily, light weight, light weight, installation adjustment is very convenient; 1, the temperature of the transmitter categories: general temperature transducer calibration will be 2 categories, in which the normal operation of temperature field and temperature compensation, families and the pressure transmitter is refers to the output as the specification data signals of liquid level sensor, this is the acceptance of work pressure independent variables according to the proportion transformation to regulate the output data signal panel, application of measured medium, generally to measure gas, oil, water and with 317 stainless steel plate and 316 stainless steel plate adapter paste of corrosion protection work necessary ability; Precision, the precision of the transducer must be much: decision-making are: discrete delay systems, sex, the relative standard deviation, temperature and zero reference point, the temperature of the dangers of scale, the higher precision, the price is more high, when both sides work pressure is not same, lead to accurate measurement deviation caused by pulse dampers, the offset and pressure differential is proportional, so both sides have different capacity, according to the volatility and phase demodulation. 30 95 times in the new century, rapid development of fieldbus technology, industrial production process control system slowly to have two-way communication, automatic control system for intelligent instrument control fieldbus bearing development trend. Thus created a new capacitance pressure transmitter. The key to effect the working pressure data signal to electronic products, thus in the electronic computer shows its basic principle is about information work pressure: the pressure of this kind of work pressure structure mechanics data signal is converted into electricity flow ( 4 - 30 ma) Electronics data signals as working pressure and working voltage or current linearly related size, usually is the direct proportion relation, special V/I integrated circuit chips, less * * components, high reliability, easy maintenance, easily, light weight, light weight, installation adjustment is very convenient; Their key features are given. Capacitance pressure transmitter has since the compensation effect such as discrete system, temperature deviation, response speed, noise, and a job induction, etc. Since the diagnosis effect when conducting audits when connected to the switch power supply, the building up of operation inspection work. Central processing unit (CPU) and basic controller has the function of two-way communication among the closed-loop control system software work. Information storage and memory effect, large amount of digital output. Capacitance pressure transmitter is good, the pressure of the steam drum pressure transmitter usually touch medium part of the transmitter is 317 stainless steel plate of material selection, if there is no corrosion medium of 317 stainless steel plate, so most all pressure transmitter are suitable for the precise measurement of the medium pressure, it can controller to realize the pressure components of gas, liquid and so on physics work pressure main parameters into electrical signals ( Such as 4 ~ 30 madc)
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