Can't imagine the pressure liquid level transmitter incredibly still have those advantages

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-21
Imagine pressure liquid level transmitter incredibly still have these advantages liquid level transmitter is also called input type liquid level transmitter, through the pressure sensor, measure the height of liquid level, in order to record demand. Pressure liquid level transmitter adopts advanced isolation diffusion silicon sensor, directly into the container or water can accurately measure the water level gauge to the surface at the end of the height, and the values of water level through the 4 - 20 ma current or RS485 signals to export. The characteristics of the liquid level transmitter, pressure. High sensitivity, response time & le; 1ms。 。 High pressure liquid level transmitter precision grade, can reach 0. Level 1. 。 All stainless steel sealing structure, IP68 waterproof. 。 Miniaturization, 2. 4公斤) All stainless steel flange, easy to install. 。 Process connection compatible with other products, to achieve the best measurement. 。 The world's only adopt H alloy sheath sensors ( Technology) , pressure, liquid level transmitter achieved excellent cold and thermal stability. 。 Using 16 computer intelligent transmitter. 。 Standard 4 - 20 ma, with digital signal based on HART protocol, the remote control. 。 Pressure liquid level transmitter support to field bus and upgrade based on the technology of field control. 。 Polyurethane guide gas cable, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant. 。 Pressure liquid level transmitter small size, easy installation and delivery. 。 Pressure liquid level transmitter has good stability, full, zero long-term stability can reach 0. 1% FS/year. Within the scope of the compensation temperature 0 ~ 70 ℃, the temperature drift less than 0. 1% FS, over the allowed working temperature below zero. 3% fs。 。 With reverse protection, current limiting protection circuit, the reverse will not damage the transmitter is negative when installation, abnormal pressure liquid level transmitter automatically when the current limit within 35 ma. 。 Solid state structure, no moving parts, high reliability, long service life. 。 Pressure liquid level transmitter easy installation, simple structure, economy is durable.
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