Calmly in the face of the serious situation of magnetic level gauge turning at home and abroad

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-26
While the domestic economy to rebound, but have to say the domestic economic situation is still grim. Is the good news is: on March 1, 2014, according to the secretariat of the world trade organization, China import and export trade volume in 2013, become the world's superpower * to trade in goods. In 2013 China's total import and export of goods of 4. 2 $16 trillion, of which exports. $21 trillion, imports of 1. 95 trillion dollars. Is this for more than 100 years developing countries * time become champion of world trade in goods, China as the second largest economy, large foreign exchange reserves and the largest exporter after again the brilliant achievements, likewise, domestic instrument and meter industry also played a vital role, in order to promote the further development of domestic economy greatly contribute their own strength. We were rejoicing in the domestic economy to participate in the competition so proud achievements, must see domestic instrument industry still exist at present, the development of the difficult to overcome obstacles, domestic instrument industry in the domestic competition ability is not strong, still in the competition because of the lack of own core technology, the vast majority of products within the industry is still at the end of the technology, many effective sales products, can only rely on the low price competition, low profit margins is tangible products, these factors led to the industrial instrumentation products, including magnetic flap liquid level meter, the export growth is still slow. Because industry overall situation is not optimistic, plus the cost of raw materials, labor costs increase, pressure, flow and inventory link so leap in science and technology as a magnetic flap liquidometer * * production enterprises should actively study market trends, capacity expansion must be slow, hard skills, increase investment in technological upgrading, and increase the added value of products, improve the profit margin of the products is the fundamental. Magnetic flap liquid level meter industry is an important part of the instrument industry, the positive development of it in promoting healthy development of the industry has a great effect, magnetic level gauge, as a kind of turning liquid level instrumentation. Magnetic flap liquid level meter and other types of liquid level meter has its own disadvantages and advantages, large magnetic flap with level gauge is the feature of simple structure, convenient maintenance, can add function extension, using a wide range. Use it to measure tank level height change, after converted into a standard current signal output is very stable and reliable, so the magnetic flap liquidometer in many liquid level instrumentation is a safe and reliable level measurement instrument. Magnetic flap level gauge as a leap in the fist products of science and technology, with its stable performance, perfect service, has been widely acclaimed in the industry, the company currently has a series of products are in the side mounted magnetic level gauge, vacuum jacketed turning magnetic level gauge, steam turning model magnetic flap type liquid level meter, high temperature magnetic level gauge, turning the top mounted magnetic level gauge, turning with alarm magnetic flap liquid level meter, electric heat tracing magnetic level gauge, insulation type magnetic level gauge, turning turning anti-corrosion type magnetic flap liquid level meter, high temperature and high pressure type magnetic level gauge, pp material corrosion magnetic level gauge, turning turning far eastone type magnetic level gauge, etc. , turning can satisfy users in different scopes, different occasions of product selection. Over the years, leap in science and technology have been required to do the product quality control and product upgrading, in compared with similar products of other companies to ensure that your product is in position. So run way depending on science and technology for beyond the other enterprise's management level and product quality control, in the face of weak market demand and weak industrial environment, still very calm, tommy. Embellish instrument in person, have a goal in mind will never be shaken, that is to do the domestic good magnetic flap liquid level gauge.
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