Calibration items need to be aware of what pressure transmitter

by:KAIDI     2021-01-03
Ordinary differential pressure transmitter directly affect the medium and pressure measurement. However, the diaphragm between the transmitter has a certain amount of silicone oil, seal in the middle of the diaphragm. That is to say, the use of silicone oil pressure drops of the diaphragm pressure transmitter to the transmitter. Then listen to the pressure transmitter manufacturers engineers how to say: isolation transmitter: adopt isolation transmitter, flange installation. The specific mechanism is on the increase in the test equipment of blue launcher. After installation, the sensing diaphragm is part of the equipment, so it will not remove the measuring medium. Advantage is not crystal. As the measured medium blocking pressure transmitter is very special, measuring equipment is easy to produce crystals. If you use ordinary type I transmitter, you may need to remove medium. Is easy to cause guide membrane tube and the box cavity plugging, affect the normal work, so now need to select the isolation transmitter. Normal transmitter: used for measuring the pressure of capsule. It directly induced the measured medium pressure, differential pressure isolation sensor measurement capsule receive stable liquid pressure, the pressure is sealed between the two diaphragm. Measured the pressure of the diaphragm to outer diaphragm, the original ordinary diaphragm for the diaphragm. When the pressure signal receiving to fix outer membrane, silicone oil to pass the integrity of the outer membrane pressure to ordinary bellows, measuring film on the film feel the pressure. 1, before the adjustment, please place the level of intelligent pressure transmitter. 2, site after installing intelligent pressure transmitter, in the face of the transducer to zero. 3, before the pressure intelligent pressure transmitter, installing and fastening process connection. 4, smart pressure transmitter shall be installed in a dry environment, avoid the rains washed out. Should be used in harsh environments, the transmitter protective box. 5, user shall not remove the transmitter itself. 6, electricity, do not remove the transmitter cover in explosion/flammable environments. 7, please check the transmitter power supply voltage is in accordance with the requirements for the power supply voltage in the user manual. 8, smart pressure transmitter external grounding screw should be reliable grounding. 9, installed in the explosive environment intelligent pressure transmitter, must comply with the relevant international, national and local standards, rules and guidelines. Restrictions on security installation, please refer to the user manual of explosion-proof part. 10, this Ann transmitter outside safety manual provided by the installation and use should accord with the requirement of the operation manual. This is the interpretation of pressure transmitter manufacturers engineer products on time in the school, the hope can all help to you. More professional questions relating to the product use, please contact Beijing kaidi, professional solution for you to use products.
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