Any magnetrol level transmitter stock in Kaidi?
Guangdong Kaidi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. does retain the type of level transmitter . If you need regular items, you can get them directly from stock. In addition to the stocked products, many of our products are produced on demand. For those who are on demand and out of stock, they usually have a lead time. Don't hesitate to ask about the availability of any products you might want to customize.

Accepted in the market and society, Kaidi has many years of experience in producing leading quality volumetric flow meter. We will show you the pull rope switch series that is most popular with customers. The electric performance test of KAIDI liquid level transmitter is conducted at the quality inspection stage. The main electrical performance index such as capacity, internal resistance, lifespan, and short circuit protection will be tested by the QC team. This product has a high level of insulation. The product is high-temperature resistant. It is made of heat-resisting material which features a high melting and decomposition point. This product has a high level of IP.

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