Analyses the role of coupling agent and outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter application

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-01
Outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter with convenient installation, small amount of maintenance advantages of non-contact measurement is widely used in water supply industry. Outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter is applied to measure the liquid velocity influence on two-way acoustic signals. It's two transducer ( T1, T2) At a certain distance between the installation outside the walls, alternating transmit and receive ultrasonic wave. When sound waves in a fluid at rest, the sound waves from T1 and T2 signals time same as from T2 to T1 delivery time; When fluid flow, the upstream transducer emit a T1 to the downstream transducer T2 signal, the upstream and downstream to the emission signal, and the fluid velocity in the acoustic signal, will speed up the signals from upstream to downstream direction, at the same time slows from downstream to upstream direction of signal, time difference has occurred between the two signals, the liquid flow rate, thus obtained with circular tube cross-section of the flow of multiplication, calculate the flow. Outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter using intelligent calculator, large capacity data recorder, 200 KB to 1 MB of data storage, can store the history data of the flow measurement, facilitate diagnosis instrument, convenient measurement and settlement. Outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter system has self-diagnosis function, to analyze the status of fluid. When measuring conditions meet the job requirements, can automatically recover the original working condition. Stable performance, general of the clamp meter accuracy is 1% 2%, can meet the needs of the circulating water measurement. Consisting of transducer and transducer. Transducer installed in the outside wall of the pipeline under test, don't need to stop truncate or fluid flow. Is a kind of non-contact measurement, not obstruct the flow of the fluid in the pipe, no pressure loss, no water leakage, easy installation and simple operation, wide range, suitable for all kinds of diameter of pipe. Intelligent degree is high, small amount of instrument maintenance. To guarantee and good contact with pipes, installing a transducer needs pipe surface uniform coating a layer of coupling agent, the general thickness of ( 2mm- 3毫米) 。 The air bubbles and particles within the coupling agent out, the launch of the transducer surface closely on the pipe wall. Measurement of the circulating water flow meter is installed in the water well, environment humidity, sometimes under water, if choose average coupling agent, in a short period of time will be failure, affect measurement accuracy. So we must choose special waterproof coupling agent, coupling agent should be used in the period of validity. Outer clamp coupling agent type ultrasonic flowmeter is used as a probe and the measured materials of high frequency ultrasound energy transfer between. If you choose to type or improper usage is likely to be caused by error or coupling symbol flashing, cannot be measured values. Coupling agents should be used in moderation, besmear foam evenly. Is important to choose the right kinds of coupling agent, when the materials used in the smooth surface, low viscosity of the coupling agent ( The coupling agent such as random configuration, light oil, etc. ) Is appropriate. When used in a rough surface, or vertical surface and the top surface, the coupling agent can use high viscosity ( Like oil, butter, grease, etc. ) 。 A variety of formulations are available at all parts of the coupling agent. Outer clamp type ultrasonic flow meter transducer installation location affect measurement accuracy. The installation of the transducer are reflex ( V) And direct-injection ( Z) One of two ways. Z method is used to install the speed of sound trip short, can enhance the signal strength. Our factory is used to measure the two meter of water has adopted two ways for installation, Z V method is obviously better than the method of measurement result. Pipe parameters setting accurate or not, closely associated with measurement accuracy. If the pipe material and the size of the set is inconsistent with actual and makes the theory of pipeline circulation area and the actual cross-sectional area to produce error, led to the final result is not accurate. In addition, the launch distance between transducer is according to the fluid ( Sound velocity, dynamic viscosity) The pipe ( Material and size) , the installation of the transducer ( V law or Z) Various parameters, such as the operational results, the installation of the transducer produces deviation distance, also can cause big measurement error. Clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter is applied in large diameter pipeline loop water measurement has the obvious superiority. So correct installation, use and maintenance, to achieve better results. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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