Analyses the production process includes the main content of the chemical engineering

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-05
In order to realize the chemical production process automation, typically include automatic detection, automatic protection, the content of the automatic control and automatic control, etc, are presented respectively. Automatic detection system using various testing instrument ( Liquid level meter, flow meter, pressure gauges, etc. ) Main process parameters for measurement, instructions or record, called automatic detection system. It replaces the operators to keep a record of the process parameters of continuous observation and thus play a role in people's eyes. Figure 1 & ndash; 1 of the heat exchanger is the use of steam to heat the cold liquid, the temperature of the cold fluid after heating whether meet the requirements, available temperature measuring device with balance bridge to measure, instructions and records; Cold fluid flow may use orifice meter for testing; Steam pressure gauge available to indicate that these are automatic detection system. Automatic signal and interlock protection system in the process of production, sometimes due to some accidental factors, lead to process parameters exceed the permitted range appear abnormal situation, there are may have caused the crash. To this end, often with automatic signal interlocking device for some key parameters. When the process parameters over the allowed range, before the accident, the signal system will automatically send out sound and light signals, warn the operator attention, and take measures in time. If condition has reached the dangerous state, the interlocking system automatically immediately take emergency measures, open the relief valve or cutting off some pathways, emergency stop when necessary, to prevent accidents and expand. It is a safety device in the process of production. For example a reactor reaction temperature than the allowed limit, automatic signal system will send out sound and light signals, alarm to process operators and processing production accidents. Due to the strengthening of the production process, often by the operator processing accident has become impossible, because in a strengthening of the production process, accidents often happen in a few seconds, and processing is to directly by the operator. Automatic interlock protection system can successfully solve the problem, such as when the reactor temperature or pressure into danger, interlocking system can immediately take emergency measures to increase the coolant inlet valve, or close to slow or stop the reaction, thus can avoid an explosion caused by accidents, etc. Automatic control and automatic open parking system automatic control system can according to prescribed steps automatically to a periodic production equipment operation. Such as the gas generator ammonia gasification plant, requirements, in accordance with the blow, blow,. Under blowing, blowing off periodically switched on air and water vapor, automatic control machine can be used to replace artificial automatically according to certain time application pull (air and steam valve, make them alternately on gas producer, thereby greatly reducing the operators of repetitive manual labor. Open parking system can automatically according to the prescribed steps in advance will be automatically put into operation or production process automatic parking. The production process of various process conditions can't be fixed. Especially in chemical production, most is the continuity of production, each device associated with each other, when one set of process condition changes, can cause some parameters in other devices more or less volatility, deviation from the normal process conditions, therefore, you need to use some automatic control device, some key parameters in the process of production can be automatic control, to make them under interference ( The disturbance) And deviated from its normal state, can automatically back to within a prescribed scope of numerical control, set of system is the automatic control system for this purpose. By above can see, automatic test system can complete & other Understand & throughout; The task of production process conditions; Signal interlock protection system can only process conditions into some kind of limit state, security measures, in order to avoid the happening of accidents; Automatic control system can only be carried out in accordance with the prescribed steps in advance some periodic manipulation; Only the automatic control system can automatically eliminate various interference factors on the influence of process parameters, to make them always stay on the prescribed value, to ensure production to maintain normal or better state of operation. Therefore, the automatic control system is the core part of automated production, through the automatic control system can be all kinds of inspection instruments such as external clip-on ultrasonic flowmeter, and automatic control equipment to form a closed loop feedback, eventually form a complete automation production process. 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