Affect the top mounted magnetic level gauge measuring the important parameters and the right turning installation steps

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-21
Magnetic flap liquid level meter is a kind of very common in industrial production is a kind of liquid level measuring instrument, measuring results intuitive, easy maintenance, there are a large number of usage, especially in the tank farm. Magnetic liquid level turning installation has a side mounted and top mounted two forms, the concrete is to be confirmed according to the requirement of the measurement site. In this paper, the top mounted the modelling of magnetic level gauge turning point, makes a brief description and installation methods, if you in use process have any questions about this product, you can call embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. In domestic service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * technical personnel to provide you with detailed answers. Top mounted magnetic flap potentiometer directly installed on the top of the container, through a float with the liquid level ( Or interface) Driven magnetic connecting rod moves up and down to move up and down by the magnetic linkage within the magnetic steel by using the theory of magnetic coupling driving magnetic flap indicators, using two red and blue colors ( Liquid red gas blue) Obvious visually indicate the process of liquid level in container or the position, can be transmitted over a long distance and realize the automatic control. UHZ series magnetic flap top mounted liquid level meter is mainly composed of body parts, on the indicator and the upper and the lower limit alarm, remote transmitter, etc. Magnetic flap for the top mounted potentiometer type selection and measurement need to be considered when the parameters are: 1. Type of medium, temperature, pressure, corrosive; 2. Material requirements; 3. Flange center distance, flange specifications; 4. Whether to ask 4 - 20 ma transmission; 5. If asked to bring the lower limit alarm switch, switches, etc. These parameters are at the beginning of the installation design will need to be sure, because only according to the landlord will provide the working parameters, manufacturers can makes a reasonable for this parameter, measuring effect also good magnetic flap liquid level. Top mounted magnetic level gauge is suitable for turning what medium measurement? Top mounted magnetic flap level gauge need to contact? Top mounted magnetic flap level gauge what preparation work before installation needs to be done? Top mounted magnetic flap lower limit alarm of debugging can finish testing in local display or remote transmission part, on the basis of the available local display or remote part of the instructions for reference, according to the need to adjust the alarm locating bolt, and the alarm alarm scale position alignment local display scale or conform to the remote transmitter alarm level. Level gauge field putting-in-service proactively, to pay special attention to should be opened the upper gate, after open the lower gate valve. Glass tube liquid level meter which is due to the level of protection float at the bottom of the pipe thrust spring, otherwise, the role of big differential pressure may be crashing float liquid level gauge can't use. Level gauge putting-in-service proactively after a period of time, a float to float and float mobile is not flexible. This is largely because of magnetic float was matted with iron filings or other contaminants. Can be emptying medium first, and then remove the float, eliminate some iron filings on magnetic float or other contaminants. Liquid level meter need correct selection, need more correct installation and use of local display part ( 1) Before installation, please watch carefully float on the surface is smooth level off, make sure float on the surface damage phenomenon such as no sag. Pay attention to float on the surface of the installation direction arrow, not installed backwards. ( 2) Float do not participate in device scanning line and pressure testing. ( 3) Instrument installation, need to guarantee instrument shell with horizontal vertical. ( 4) Instrument when put into operation, should first open interface flange on the valve, and then slowly open interface flange valve, in order to avoid device inside the pressure medium fast into the cylinder, make float shot up on-site tracking work instructions. ( 5) Instrument in use and store, need not make the cylinder body freezing medium of temperature environment. A meter in use process, if the output signal frequency pulse disturbance or interference, check whether the signal cable shielding layer and reliable grounding, work is whether resistance can meet the requirements. If still not completely eliminate, usable signal isolator to solve. Liquid level meter need correct selection, need more correct installation and use, 1. Far eastone transmitter part of debugging: there are two ways: one is under the device upon float, to imitate the level of high and low; Another kind is directly on the device to adjust level high and low. Due to * the error of the first kind of way is easy to be estimated, we recommend to take direct debug level highs and lows on the device. 2. Instrument commissioning, * first imitation of the low level and make it with the actual local display part of the scale, lower limit at the same time adjust potentiometer, the output is 4 mA, then imitate level the maximum peak adjustment potentiometer, and make the output to 20 mA, 3. According to the above two steps to adjust a few times repeatedly, until the liquid level output current and liquid level of the real value of error in the allowed range, can think far eastone part after debugging. Top mounted magnetic flap potentiometer pay particular attention to when using, don't use strong magnet pull float up and down outside the pipe inspection. Otherwise it will cause the magnetization of the magnetic float but change polarity, make even float magnetic abate, so difficult to work properly. The Ann type level gauge, pay particular attention to the level and safety grid impedance match. Because of the level meter power supply voltage of 14. 5-36 VDC, less than 14 of general transmitter. 5-45 VDC, so can't work normally when the load is bigger. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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