About the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter signal are susceptible to interference problem solution

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-18
As a kind of high precision, high reliability and long service life of flow meter, intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter with from the fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity changes affect the measurement of the outstanding performance, and therefore has been widely used in the production. Normal daily use of machinery and equipment, we will be using the stable running period from the start, after The Times wave into a working state, the need to artificially aperiodically to intervene and maintenance regularly, to keep the stability of the working state. Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, too, be in commonly installed under the premise of no maintenance can run normally after a long period of time, after the need to make corresponding daily maintenance and inspection specifications. For the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter are susceptible to interference problems, as a * * intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter suppliers and service providers, embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. Technology is given in detail are as follows: the advantages of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is a minimal loss of pressure, measurable flow range is big. Large flow with small flow ratio of general part of above, the applicable industry wide range of pipe diameter, and up to 3 m, the output signal and the measured flow into linear, high precision, the measurable electrical conductivity & ge; 5μ S/cm of acid, alkali, salt solution, water, sewage, corrosive liquid and slurry, pulp, pulp fluid flow. But it cannot measure the rate of flow of gas, steam and water. In the existing intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, low-frequency rectangular wave excitation way has become a main way of excitation. Although intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is made of ac excitation has certain advantages, but the subsequent electromagnetic interference, becomes very troublesome problems, especially the electromagnetic interference signal and useful signal mixed together, they not only composition is complicated, and sometimes also bigger than traffic signal interference signal. In this case how to suppress and eliminate the interference, improve the cost performance is developed and the use of the key technologies of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is an important problem. Based on the characteristics of general intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter system, mainly discussed from the aspects of hardware optimization such as the electromagnetic coupling, static induction is an important source of noise interferences with the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter. In the electromagnetic flow transmission, because of the two electrode lead in alternating magnetic field, when the transmission power, in the lead to produce inside the closed loop of induction electromotive force. In this kind of jamming signal superimposed to the measurement signal, affect the operation of the system. All kinds of excitation ways will bring different electromagnetic interference problems. Dc excitation method is easy to produce polarization interference, ac excitation method is easy to generate orthogonal interference ( 90 degrees interference) , in-phase interference ( The power frequency interference) And so on. Orthogonal interference refers to the interference with traffic signal phase differ 90 degrees. Electromagnetic flow meter adopts the ac excitation method, to produce an alternating magnetic field, and by the electrode, lead, and the measured medium converter input circuit is composed of a closed loop, is in the midst of the interference in the alternating magnetic field, the closed loop impossible and transmitter alternating magnetic field to produce magnetic field lines completely parallel, there will always be part of the alternating magnetic field lines through the closed circuit, so as to produce an interference in the loop and electromotive force, in the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, from the transmitter and the converter to take effective measures, to eliminate or suppress 90 & deg; Interference. Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter in phase interference power frequency interference and common mode interference, is refers to in the same instant appeared on the transmitter of two electrodes, and the disturbance signal amplitude and phase are the same. When flow is zero, namely the measured liquid stationary, with the same believe that number is measured by the jamming signal. Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter for in-phase interference, more inhibition method. In terms of transmitter, the electrodes and the excitation coil on the geometry shape, size and performance parameters of doing balanced symmetrical, and strict shielding respectively, in order to reduce the distributed capacitance between electrodes and excitation coil. Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter in order to reduce the in-phase interference caused by the ground current, electromagnetic flow meter supplier suggested solution is: when installing a ground wire, the transmitter at the ends of the pipe flange and shell of converter are on the same point, in order to reduce interference in phase, but cannot completely eliminate the interference in phase. So, usually in the preamplifier stage of the converter adopts added to the differential amplifier circuit of constant current source, using differential amplifier with high common mode rejection ratio, making into the converter in phase interference signal at the input offset each other and are suppressed, can achieve very good effect. At the same time, in order to avoid the interference signal, between transmitter and transducer signal must use shielding wire transfer. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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