Why in magnetic level gauge installation turning in flange joints with the valve

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-10
Magnetic level gauge, as a kind of turning reading direct purchase, easy to use, good extension performance, in the chemical, oil and other companies. The main structure design and manufacture according to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling. Through a float with a magnet ( Magnetic float) In the position of the measured medium affected by buoyancy effect, the change of liquid level lead to the change of the magnetic float position, magnetic float and magnetic double column ( Also become magnetic flap) Static magnetic coupling magnetic flip Angle (double column Magnetic double column surface coated with different color) , thus to reflect the location of the container liquid level, the staff through the observation on the instrument, location between the red and white double column can intuitively get the container liquid level data. If by adding sensors ( The magnetic reed switch) And precision electronic components such as electronic module and transmitter module, can also be analog output resistance signal, current value, 4~20mA) Signals, switches and other electrical signal, greatly expands the application of magnetic frame function. A good combination of the field observation and remote control. Magnetic flap liquid level meter can be used for various towers, tanks, tank, spherical vessel and boiler equipment such as medium level detection. The series magnetic level gauge can achieve high sealing, leakage protection and adaptation level measurement under the condition of high pressure, high temperature, corrosion resistance, has reliable security, it make up for the glass plate ( Tube) Level gauge instructions are not clear, easy to broken, not affected by high and low temperature change, do not need the combination of multiple level gauge. Measure without blind area, the whole process that striking, intuitive readings, and the measuring range is big. Especially the instructions, in part due to no direct contact with liquid medium, so the high temperature and high pressure, high viscosity, poisonous and harmful, strong corrosive medium, more show its superiority. Magnetic level gauge turning to general installation has side and the top two, and installed flange connection of valve are basically side, because the top loading installation will not lead to subject the pipe into the liquid, but the side pipe installation will let the liquid into the body. So the top with the magnetic level gauge installation mode turning install valve is not working again. To the side, why want to install the valve flange joints in, what is the reason? In general, magnetic level gauge installation when turning as long as conform to the specifications and matters needing attention are basic won't fail, unless the magnetic level gauge selection errors or turning to service life. In the event of failure, you need to magnetic flap liquid level meter for repair or replacement. This time if not install valve in the flange joint, then in the main pipe, a liquid can't remove the maintenance, because if the liquid with harm to human body, it is no good. If the valve was installed on the flange joint, when the fault occurs need remove the maintenance or clean the main pipe, you can first close the valve, let the fluid can't flow in the tank, this can not only solve the problem quickly, and can solve the problem of security. If the magnetic level gauge turning service life is long, use has no problem, but because the media has a slight viscosity, use after a period of time, will affect the normal operation of the float, but safe, give up a whole set of magnetic level gauge turning and unfortunately, so need to flush the main pipe, and close the valve at this time will be very convenient and remove the trouble back at home. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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