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What are the selection need to follow the principle of pressure transmitter

by:KAIDI     2021-02-08
1. Depends on the pressure type types have mainly to measure gage pressure, thermal stress and pressure. Gage pressure refers to the atmospheric pressure is less than or greater than the atmospheric pressure; Absolute pressure refers to the absolute zero point as a benchmark, above absolute pressure; Pressure difference means the difference between the two kinds of pressure. 2. According to the measured medium according to the measured medium is different, can be divided into dry gas, gas and liquid, highly corrosive liquid, viscous liquid, such as high temperature gas and liquid. According to the correct selection of different media, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of the transmitter. 3. According to the need of precision grade pressure transmitter manufacturer technology based on hierarchy transmission error of measurement precision. The precision of different for different basic error limit ( Expressed as the percentage of the full range output) 。 In practice, according to the requirements of the measurement error control, based on the principle of economical and practical, has carried on the choice. 4. Based on the system maximum overload equipment overload need less than the limit of overload protection of transmitter, otherwise it will affect the service life of the transmitter, even damage the transmitter. Usually, the safety of the pressure transmitter overload pressure is twice the full range. 5. According to the measured pressure range, usually 80% of the measuring range is based on the actual measuring pressure. Consider the biggest pressure equipment. Generally speaking, the maximum pressure range of products which should be reached system maximum stress value of 1. 5 times. Some hydraulic pressure peak or continuous pulse and process control device. Could reach the peak of 'maximum pressure' five times or even ten times. More than maximum rated pressure transmitter, will shorten the actual service life of the transmitter. But the rated pressure to increase transmitter can sacrifice the resolution of the transducer. Buffer can be used to reduce the peak in the system, so as to reduce the response speed of the sensor. Pressure transmitter is designed to handle more than 200 million cycles of maximum pressure, and won't degrade performance. Launch machine the choice, you can find the compromise between the system performance and life of transmitter. 6. According to the system operating temperature range measuring medium temperature should be in the transducer working temperature range, if use overtemperature, will produce large measuring error, affect the service life of the transmitter. Pressure transmitter manufacturers in the production process to the influence of the temperature measurement and compensation, to ensure that the measuring error caused by the temperature within the accuracy level requirements. Range. Under the condition of high temperature, high temperature and pressure transmitter may be considered or auxiliary cooling measures such as condenser pipe installation, the radiator. 7. According to the pressure screen, usually in the form of threaded connection ( M20X 1. 5) Form is a standard interface. 8. The compatibility with contact materials in some medium measurement occasions, measuring corrosive medium. At this point, the need to compatible with measuring dielectric materials or special treatment, to ensure that the transmitter will not damage. 9. According to the power supply and the output signal generally consists of dc power supply, its products offers a variety of output signal selection, including 4 - 20ma. ,0 - 5 v。 ,1 - 5 v。 ,0 - 10ma. Dc, etc. , with 232 or 485 digital output. 10. According to the situation of field work environment and whether there is any other vibration and electromagnetic interference, such as selection, shall provide relevant information, and in order to take corresponding processing. In other selection, such as electrical connection in the way can also be considered according to the concrete situation.
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