What are the pressure transmitter maintenance way

by:KAIDI     2021-02-08
Pressure transmitter has been widely used in various working condition of the environment, and may you all know how to choose the pressure transmitter, also know how to use the pressure transmitter, but you know how to maintain the pressure variations to send machine? Daily maintenance pressure variations deliver what method? Shandong kaidi to introduce below mainly include the following: 1 inspection tour inspection instrument, without exception, whether he is fluctuations within the prescribed scope; For no scene shows transmitter, want to go to the control room to see it the second of value. Instrument around whether there is sundry or instrument surface dust, should keep clear and clean. Instrument and system interface, guide tube and the valve between the leaks, and so on and so forth. 2 check for some don't need to check every day like a table, check regularly in a while. Zero check regularly. Used in control system of the transmitter, no matter how short testing time, still need to change the automatic control to manual control, so as not to affect the operation of the control equipment. Regularly check the transmitter components intact, no serious rust, damage; Nameplate, label is clear and correct; Fasteners shall not loose, the connector contact is good, terminal on the spot measuring circuit wiring is firm, including input and output circuit are in good condition, circuit disconnection, short circuit, reliable insulation note: 1, to prevent the dross in intraductal deposition and transmitter and corrosive medium contact or overheating. 2, measuring gas pressure, the pressure mouth should be open at the top of the process piping, and the upper transmitter should be installed in the process, so that the accumulated liquid injection process pipeline easily. 3, measuring the liquid pressure, pressure should be opened in the side of the process piping, to avoid deposit product residue. 4, guide pressure pipe shall be installed where small temperature fluctuations. 5, when measuring the liquid pressure, pressure transmitter installation position of the kaidi company should try to avoid the impact of the liquid ( Water hammer) To avoid overvoltage damage 6, winter freezing in the transmitter, installed in outdoor anti-freezing measures must be taken in the transmitter, without pressure inside the liquid due to the icing volume expansion, causes loss of transmitter. 7, connection, cable through the waterproof connectors or round tube and screw down the sealing nuts, such as in case of rain through the cable leakage into the transmitter inside the shell. 8, measuring, steam or other high temperature medium to connect with buffer tube ( Coil) Such as condenser, should not make pressure transmitter operating temperature more than limit. The above introduction, we should have a little knowledge of maintenance of pressure transmitter
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