What are the current domestic automation instrument classification

by:KAIDI     2021-02-19
What are the current domestic automation instrument classification: automation instruments can be divided into field measuring instrument, field control instrument, actuators, display field instruments record instrument, adjusting control instrument, special measuring instrument six categories, each categories and can be subdivided into several small classes. A measuring instrument installation, field measuring instrument scene at the scene of the industrial production, on-site measuring instrument can be divided into level gauges, pressure gauges, temperature gauges, flow meter, gas analysis instrument, liquid analysis instrument. 1, material level meter is an instrument measuring liquid level in the process of industrial production, solid and the height of the silt accumulation, and liquid phase Liquid, liquid - Solid phase interface location of the instrument. Material level meter has a continuous measurement and continuous measuring two kinds: continuous material level meter and limit type material level meter. (1) continuous material level meter continuous material level meter can continue further subdivided into: direct reading type level gauge ( According to the principle of fluid connectivity to measure liquid level. Such as: glass plate water level gauge, level gauge glass, quartz tube, two-color level gauge) , capacitive liquid level meter, buoyancy type level gauge ( Such as: magnetostrictive liquid level meter, fiber optic liquid level meter, float level gauge, servo liquid level meter, float steel belt level meter, float level gauge, magnetic level gauge turning) , laser type level gauge, ultrasonic liquid level meter, radar level meter ( Such as: pulse radar level meter, guided wave radar level meter) , stick type level gauge, level meter, rf type differential pressure type level gauge, heavy hammer material level meter (2) limit the limit of material level measurement instrument is the most common type material level measurement equipments are divided into capacitance/pole type liquid level switch, ball float liquid level switch, a tuning fork level switch, rotary vane material level switch, ultrasonic level switch. 2, pressure gauge pressure gauge is in the process of industrial production measurement instrument medium pressure or differential pressure changes. Pressure gauges can be divided into liquid column type pressure gauge, If U tube manometer, single tube manometer, sloping type pressure gauge,) , pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, pressure sensors, pressure gauge, pressure switch, glass tube liquid. 3, temperature measurement instrument temperature instrument is hot or cold degree of industrial automation instrument. Temperature instrument can be subdivided into glass tube liquid thermometer, pressure type thermometer, thermocouple, heat resistance, temperature transmitter, bimetallic thermometer, temperature switches, high optical thermometer, radiant heat meter, non-contact infrared thermometer. 4, also known as flow meter, flow meter flow instrument flow meter can be subdivided into mass flowmeter ( As the coriolis force mass flowmeter, thermal mass flowmeter) , volumetric flowmeter ( Scraper flowmeter, waist wheel flowmeter, oval gear flowmeter) And plate type flowmeter, flow switch, speed meter ( Such as: rotor flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, vortex flowmeter) , open channel flowmeter, the target flowmeter, differential pressure flowmeter ( Such as orifice meter, the nozzle flowmeter, venturi tube flowmeter, curved, V cone flowmeter, pitot tube flowmeter flowmeter tube flowmeter) at a constant speed, 。 5, gas analysis instrument gas analysis instrument is measuring process of gas composition analysis instrument, which can be subdivided into gas chromatography/mass spectrum analyzer, oxygen analyzer, toxic, flammable gas detection instruments, thermal conductivity analyzer, magnetic conductivity analyzer, electrochemical analyzer, infrared analyzer, uv analyzer, laser gas analyzer, the photoelectric detection gas analyzer. 6, liquid analysis instrument analysis instrument can be subdivided into electric chemical formula analyzer, ultraviolet visible light analyzer, infrared absorption spectrum analyzer, distillation range analyzer, liquid chromatography/mass spectrum analyzer, water quality analyzer ( Such as PH meter, conductivity meter, concentration/turbidity meter, dissolved oxygen analyzer, residual chlorine analyzer, DOC/COD analyzer) , viscosity/densitometer. Second and field control instrument refers to the installation in the production field, field instruments used to measure various process parameters, perform a variety of control instructions or conversion signal and realize communication instrument. The scene control instrument including pneumatic control instrument, hydraulic control instrument and electric control instrument. Three field instruments and field instruments actuators actuators can be divided into pneumatic diaphragm regulating valves, pneumatic diaphragm regulating valves and valve positioner used, electric valve positioner, intelligent electric valve positioner. Four, record instrument display meter divided into paper recorder, paperless recorder, display instrument ( Analog display instrument, digital display instrument, touch-screen HMI and CRT display terminal, flash alarming device. Five, the adjusting control instrument including PID controller, PLC, digital control system ( Such as: alarm continuous control system, DCS system and FCS bus control system, ESD emergency shutdown system, SIS safety instrument system) , IPC industrial computer. Six special measuring instrument, special measuring instrument including axial vibration measuring instrument, the axis displacement measurement instrument, speed meter measuring instrument, weighing instrument, thickness, signal checking instrument, the flame detector, etc. Automation instrument classification is not invariable, with the development of instrument technology, the classification of the partial products line, such as bus pressure transmitter ( At the same time with PID control function) Both belong to the field measurement instrument, and is adjusting control instrument.
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