Used in the magnetic level gauge and other liquid level meter measuring precision turning pressure type water tank verification equipment research

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-17
In this paper: the level belongs to a broad categories of material level meter, the typical products are magnetic level gauge, turning static pressure liquid level transmitter, radar level gauge, etc. , with the measuring tank containers, or work, since even the wild rivers and lakes in the liquid level, show level, provide the corresponding level data for production and life. With the constant progress of science and technology, and people for production and life improvement of such measurements, for high precision for fast and accurate calibration level gauge products have the pressing needs of the enterprise. Aiming at this requirement, the research and built a set of liquid level meter calibration device, the device not only low cost, simple structure, fast installation, simple operation, and high accuracy, practicability is strong, not only can be used to test the magnetic level gauge, turning the glass tube liquid level meter, can also detect other types of liquid level meter, the liquid level meter samples in the validation work is of high popularization value. Calibrating installation 1 level gauge pressure type cistern and measuring principle of 1. 1 level gauge pressure type water tank according to JJG971 - prover The level gauge measurement verification regulation 7 2002. 2. 1. 1 calibration equipment & other; Verification of the required standard, and form a complete set of equipment, depending on the type of test gauge can choose the combination of complete from table 2 & throughout; , found in the actual work will water tank and a standard digital pressure verification level gauge, level gauge verification device of pressure water tank verification convenient, low cost of the save Labour when the province. 1. Working principle of the 2 level gauge verification equipment before work, * first to fill the radiator. Select connection position of water tank, depending on the type of checked level gauge reads digital pressure checking instrument and checked the level difference of zero, on the basis of verification regulation for verification. Is stroke test: gently open the water tank is schedule check valve, to control point by point and reading, make inspection fixed-point uniform distribution on the checked the level the entire measuring range, until the liquid level reaches the measurement limit and closed door. Revesal verification: gently open the special line of drain valve, the liquid level drop slowly, point by point control and reading, to complete the level value for verification process. 2 the level of technical characteristics (pressure type water tank prover 1) Accuracy level: level gauge pressure type water tank test device and the use of standard measuring instruments, the main standard for digital pressure checking instrument, measuring range is ( 0 - 25) KPa, accuracy degree is 0. 02 level ( Better than JJG971 - 2002 level gauge verification regulation of standard pressure generator technical requirements. OS level) , digital pressure verification unit available in kPa and mmHZ0 ( Mm water column) In the switch. ( 2) Range: water tank level gauge pressure type verification device is equipped with 2. 3 m high water tank and digital pressure checking instrument for less than 2 m of the measured liquid level detection, range greater than 2 m, liquid level meter with a liquid level detection simulation method for full range test. ( 3) Measurement: all of the device with a liquid level gauge tank prover and the advantages of the two kinds of instruments and equipment standard pressure generator, so the verification device can carry out the magnetic liquid level meter, float (turning Floating ball) Type level gauge, remote transmission type level gauge, reflection type level gauge, pressure type level gauge, liquid level switch and so on more than ten kinds of liquid level meter verification work. ( 4) Simple operation accuracy of reading: according to different types of checked liquid level meter, as long as you select the best interface, use is process control valves are running to show value verification, use drain control valve for the test value. Because of digital pressure checking instrument can be directly to reading level, reduce the steel straightedge family standard artificial reading error, about 15 min to complete 1 level gauge verification of error. The realization of the 3 level gauge pressure type water tank prover level gauge pressure type water tank calibration device is shown in figure 1, including digital pressure checking instrument, water tank, pipe, plexiglass pipe, water tank level gauge interface and fixtures. Check by inspection level gauge, water tank and digital pressure between mining figure 1 level gauge pressure type water tank connected to verification device with the principle of communicating vessels. According to the static pressure of liquid column and the principle of liquid column height is proportional to the and resin = pgH, so can also use the relative height of liquid level pressure. When the tank water level in the actual height of H, digital pressure checking instrument measured pressure for resin, pressure with water level is expressed as: real (P = H mm H2O) 。 By the principle of digital pressure checking instrument can measure water tank water level the actual height of H. Verification process, the principle of measuring water tank checked the level according to the different water level h, with digital pressure checking instrument to measure the same level value, according to & delta; = h - H real calculated by the level of value error of measured value. 4 conclusion this device significantly raised the level of reliability verification. Device adopts the method not only can be used to gauge verification, also can be used as a verification method of level gauge on the spot, to verify the long-term stability of the liquid level gauge. The performance of the liquid level gauge verification equipment completely reach ( ( JJG971 - 2002 level gauge verification regulation requirements, and effectively avoid the verification level gauge unnecessary error caused by human factors in the process, improve the efficiency and accuracy of detection. The device to solve the actual problem, various types of liquid level meter dissemination in the liquid level meter check check work is of high popularization value.
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