Ultrasonic level meter measuring sewage treatment foam control method

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-19
Ultrasonic liquid level meter in the process of sewage treatment, believe that everyone will often create a lot of bubble is in biochemical pool, and if still will overflow from the pool, cause the serious pollution of external wall external devices, make operating conditions deteriorate, serious impact on the surrounding environment. 1, the type of foam 1 1, start the bubble. Start early, aeration sludge in the aeration tank of sewage water quality does not adapt, not adapt to the growing environment of, easy to form bubble. Along with the sludge water, the bubble will be reduced. 2. Start early, aeration sludge is relatively small, high load activated sludge, prone to bubbles. Sludge volume increase, the bubble will gradually disappear. 3. Activated sludge process operation start early, due to some surface active substance is contained in wastewater, easy cause surface bubbles. But with the maturing of the activated sludge, the surface active substance by biodegradation, bubble phenomenon will gradually disappear. 2, foam denitrifying activated sludge treatment system at low load operation, or lack of aeration in a settling basin for the nitrogen denitrification happens, the release of nitrogen to a certain extent can reduce sludge floating sludge density and drive parts, thus a bubble phenomenon, suspended bubble is usually not very stable. 3, surface active agent, foam surfactants in water and starch, protein, fat and other surface active substance on the molecular structure is characterized by containing polarity - Nonpolar group known as the parent molecule. Under the condition of aeration and non polar group at one end into bubbles and the polar groups of selective adsorption by hydrophilic substances, the hydrophilic substance into the surface of hydrophobic and adhesion on the bubble water film, with air bubbles rise to the surface. 1 4, biological foam. Microbes are mostly related to the bubble contains lipid, this kind of microorganism is lighter than water, easy to float to the surface. 2. Microbes are mostly related to the bubble show filiform or dendritic, easy to form network, can be swept trap particles and bubbles, etc. , and float to the surface. Surrounded by silk screen of the bubble, increased its surface tension, the bubble is not easy to broken, foam is more stable. 3. The effects of the air flotation aeration bubbles often was the mainspring of bubble formation. Use gas bubbles floating particles and is small, light, and has a hydrophobic material. So, when the water is oil, lipid, and microbes that contain fat, is easy to produce surface bubble phenomenon. 2, bubble factor 1, sludge retention time of bubble growth rate of microbes are generally lower, the growth cycle is long, so long the sludge residence time is beneficial to the growth of these microorganisms. Therefore, using delay aeration activated sludge process are more likely to produce bubble phenomena. In addition, once the bubble, the bubble layer of biological retention time will be independent of the aeration pool, sludge retention time, easy to form stable lasting foam. 2, PH of filamentous microorganisms is different to the requirement of PH, the growth of amarae is sensitive to PH value extremely, the optimum PH value of 7. 8, when the pH value from 7. 0 drop to 5. 0 ~ 5. 6, can effectively reduce the formation of bubbles. This is mainly due to low pH value more than the limit of microbial communities to pH value of the bubble. So when the pH value of 5. 0, can effectively control the growth. But the change of pH value, can also cause of activated sludge to produce bubble phenomenon. Three cartesian flora, and dissolved oxygen in the biological foam is strictly aerobic microorganisms, under the condition of lack of oxygen or anaerobic, cannot use matrix grow, but will not die, and filamentous fungi are different, it can use nitrate as the electron acceptor. So even in the existing anoxic denitrification and phosphorus removal system of prose or anaerobic period, still can produce smoothly. When the dissolved oxygen is not enough, and the system is low load operation, easy to produce denitrifying bubble. 4 different, aeration mode, aeration mode of bubbles, and micro bubbles or small bubbles biological foam, is more advantageous than the big bubbles and foam layer is focusing on the aeration intensity low areas. 5, and temperature related to the biological foam formation fungi have their own suitable growth temperature and the best temperature, when the environment or the water temperature is helpful to mold growth, is likely to produce bubble phenomenon. Not only that, the temperature will also affect the microbial community in activated sludge system, lead to biological foam, it can see from many biological bubbles have seasonal. 3, the harm of bubble 1, affect the normal display of the instrument using DCS automatic control of sewage treatment plants, in particular, can lead to incorrect operation of the system. For ultrasonic liquid level meter, can cause false level, serious when causes the idling of pumps; Sewage treatment station total PaiKou the adoption of open channel flow meter, may cause the error of the total PaiKou sewage flow. 2, affect the environment after the creation of a large number of biological foam, spread to go on, but affects normal maintenance. Biological foam could freeze in winter, clean up more difficult; Summer will encounter storms, bad odor formation, serious environmental pollution. 3, dissolved oxygen, reduce the use of surface aeration device technology, the biological foam viscosity, can prevent normal aeration oxygenation, lower the mixture of dissolved oxygen.
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