Single flange pressure transmitter indicate incorrect situation when in use

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-26
Single flange pressure transmitter when use instructions not correct situation to do zibo pressure transmitter manufacturer shandong kaidi action to you! With laser correction, temperature compensation, advanced technology and techniques such as analog signals intelligence, has high precision, good reliability, fast response speed, stable performance characteristics. This is the product of simple structure, convenient installation, use and maintenance, is the new generation of chemical anticorrosion pressure detection and control instrument, strong anti-jamming capability, suitable for long distance transmission of signals, was welcomed by the majority of designers and users. Has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, power, light industry and other fields, the implementation of corrosive liquid, gas, steam pressure/pressure/vacuum measurement and control. 1, pressure transmitter power supply is normal, if less than 12 VDC, should check whether there is a big load in the circuit, input impedance of the transducer load should be consistent with RL≤ ( - transmitter power supply voltage 12V) / ( 0. 02A) Ω 2, if pressure value of the reference must be correct if referring to the low accuracy of pressure gauge, must in a separate high precision pressure gauge. 3, pressure range of the indicating meter is consistent with the range of pressure transmitter pressure range of the indicating meter must be consistent with the range of pressure transmitter 4, indicating instrument input pressure and the pressure indicating instrument of the corresponding wiring is correct input is 4 ~ 20 ma output signal can be directly connected to the transmitter; If the pressure indicating instrument input is 1 ~ 5 v must be in the input pressure indicating instrument and a precision in one over one thousand and above resistance, for 250 & Omega; Resistance, and then connected to the transmitter input. 5, pressure transmitter, the input impedance of the load should comply with RL≤ ( - transmitter power supply voltage 12V) / ( 0. 02A) Ω Such as does not conform to the criterion according to its different can take corresponding measures, such as higher power supply voltage ( But it must be less than 36 VDC) , reducing load, etc. 6, multipoint paper recorder records when the input is open; If open the: 1) , can't take other load; 2) And when there is no record to switch to other input impedance & le; 250Ω The recorder. 7, the corresponding equipment enclosure grounding device shell 8, confirm whether to separate from the ac power supply and other power supply line is separated from ac power supply and other power walk line 9, check whether the pressure sensor is damaged, sometimes serious overload damage isolation diaphragm. Sent back to the manufacturer for repair. 10, check whether there is sand inside the piping, the impurities such as pipeline, impurities will make measurement accuracy affected; Need to clean up the impurity, and before the interface pressure filter. 11, the temperature of the pipe is too high, the temperature is the use of pressure sensor 25 ~ 85 ℃, but the actual when using in - Within 20 ~ 70 ℃. Add buffer tube to heat dissipation, first add some cold water in the buffer tube before use, to prevent overheating steam directly impact sensors, so as to damage the sensor or reduce the service life.
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