Side magnetic level gauge turning a float or stuck, how to solve

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-23
A user to telephone to inquire side magnetic level gauge with turning one of which appeared in the process of the phenomenon of float reaction is ineffective, why this phenomenon, how to rule out. According to our long-term for on-site maintenance experience, there are several reasons for this cause, because the user is located in northeast China, and my company in huaian huaian region, if direct distance too far, can not solve the problem in a timely manner, user time delay, so we had a telephone communication and technical personnel to the user guide, wrote this article to users may encounter the same problem a reference. * first installation on the influencing factors: 1, magnetic flap to liquid level meter especially side magnetic flap liquid level gauge on the installation position, paying special attention to avoid the import and export, or away from the material medium to prevent the material fluid medium local area of rapid change, to affect the accuracy of the level measurement; 2, for more than a certain length ( Normal & gt; 3 m anti-corrosion type & gt; 2 meters) The level gauge. When equipped with remote transmission meter need to do, far eastone meter on induction surface should be oriented and close to the leading tube; 3, should make remote meter close to the level meter led tubes, and stainless steel hoop fixed ( Disable the iron) ; 4, magnetic level gauge turning into a test run in the side, the correct procedure should be like this: first, open the upper guide tube valve, then slowly open the bottom valve, let the medium smoothly into the main pipe ( Should be avoided in the operation of the media rushed float, float play column fluctuations caused, affect the display accuracy) , observe whether magnetic turn red and white ball is normal, then close the tube valve, open the drain valve, let the led tube liquid level drops, this method for three times, it is normal, can be put into operation, Corrosion resistance and other special liquid except) ; 5, according to the measurement of liquid medium condition, timely not regular cleaning magnetic level gauge turning led tube to remove impurities. According to our conclusion: side magnetic level gauge calibration on site turning occasionally found in float flexible enough to move up and down. This is mostly due to improper installation. At this time whether should pay attention to the center of the upper and lower flange in a line, whether with horizontal vertical. In general, and the horizontal Angle of not less than 87 degrees, if the deviation is bigger, can cause float to move smoothly. Side mount magnetic flap potentiometer adjustment is normal, put into use after found float at a particular location in a period of time & other Absorb & throughout; Phenomenon. This is mainly the level through the steel platform installation, with steel plate too close. Therefore, through the steel platform installation need to pay special attention to the level of pipe wall and platform cutting line spacing. According to the experience of the field use, the distance here as early as 100 ㎜ can guarantee affect magnetic float do not. Magnetic level gauge field putting-in-service proactively, turning to pay special attention to should be opened the upper gate, after open the lower gate valve. This is due to the level of at the bottom of the pipe is equipped with protection float the thrust of spring, otherwise, the role of big differential pressure may bump broken float liquid level gauge can't use. If the scene caused by transportation or other reasons instructions with sealed glass tube rupture, usable domestic glass tube replaced. But good to vacuum. Also note that the glass tube is vertical, lest affect indicator's instructions. There is some manufacturers of magnetic float level gauge turning when welding surface treatment is not smooth, there is little welding slag, after contact with the inner wall, also can cause float to move of the phenomenon, which requires a user selection in the first place, the quality to choose products, stable quality of production enterprises. If encounter this kind of situation, in the production of time is an emergency, can be shut off valve, from already will float out of tube, remove float above attachments, with research mo tool to clean up the welding slag on the float. Level gauge putting-in-service proactively after a period of time, a float to float and float mobile is not flexible. This is largely because of magnetic float was matted with iron filings or other contaminants. Can be emptying medium first, and then remove the float, eliminate some iron filings on magnetic float or other contaminants. Liquid level meter in use process, if the output signal frequency disturbance or interference pulse, and check whether the signal cable shielding layer and reliable grounding, work is whether resistance can meet the requirements. If still not completely eliminate, usable signal isolator to solve. Liquidometer pay particular attention to when using, don't use strong magnet pull float up and down outside the pipe inspection, otherwise it will cause the magnetization of the magnetic float but change polarity, make even float magnetic abate, so difficult to work properly. Due to the working condition differ in thousands ways, mentioned above does not include all the factors can be, but the side structure of the magnetic level gauge turning itself is relatively simple, only the user remember some key points of the above circumstances, pay attention to according to the site condition, one instance of this unit that will solve these problems. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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